Cloning Ghast Grenade

Weapons i need for other trades only 125% to badasses Anointed thx.

125% Western gun fire element
125% headsplosion
125% amazing grace
125% hand of glory
125% tidal wave
125% sledge shotgun
100 or 125% kaos corrosive
125% infinity corrosive
125% shock sickle
125% cryo dictator
100 or 125% fire star helix

I have this

Nvm got one for friend


how is the bekah rare, it’s one of the weapon (with the lyuda and baby maker) that are the easiest to farm because of the mail function.

I am after the cloning ghost grenade and the fearmonger shotgun, l have done well over 50 goes at Captain Haunt and nothing except the shield… Please has any one got a spare l can have…

I have the grenade

Bpenvose6 will add you as friend on xbox. No name like that on Xbox


@vproph3t gt iRoach Xv