Cloning Maddening tracker tips

Any tips on getting hold of one (apart from checking ammo vending machines every 15 minutes, or looking at every purple drop?
Or if anyone has a spare (any/no annointment) - I’m on Xbox (RonSlowman)

You can farm vending machines in the same way you can farm anything else. They reset their contents when you quit/reload, so you can farm them alongside a boss like Graveward.

The only enemy that has ever dropped the CMT for me was Agonizer 9000, but his drops are not scaling (guess it doesnt matter as grenades dont scale either) but you will need to look through the purple drops to find it.

I shall go pester Agoniser 9000 for a bit then, thanks

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If you are on pc i can give you one. Its not an anointed version but it is level 57.

Sadly Xbox, but thanks for the offer :+1:

If you’re using a Mindsweeper build, try a recurring hex. The rate of crits spawn similar levels of micro nades to a CMT and with the loot the universe event on, much easier to find.


At the Spendocticon (first DLC) there are 4 vending machine all near to fast travel stations; if you use splitscreen this means 8x chance at every reload :wink:


That’s what I’ve been using with my MS build, but always been curious to see if CMT is better - I swear I’ve had more luck with YCs and Kaosons than finding CMT :smirk:

Unfortunately vending machines are your best chance. Since September I’ve seen one from a garbage pile in the Droughts and one from a vertical Jakob’s chests by the portal back to Maurice at the end of the Cartel Map. I’ve seen a bunch in the Ammo Vendor but only one anointed ever. Maddening Trackers work fine as well, so do the other Cloning Tracker variants. CMT will be better for damage if they fix the scaling on grenades in Mayhem mode. Back in the Mayhem 1.0 I saw Lazy_Data doing CMT Mindsweeper runs and it worked really well. I tried on Mayhem 10 and the grenades just don’t do enough damage. That was with 5 in TCP. I did go down a lot though. TORGUE!!!

I haven’t seen a CMT with the 25% all damage annoint ever since I started playing, although I probably might have ignored some back when hex Moze was THE thing. I had a level 50 CMT with a cryo annoint, but that’s the last time I ever saw a CMT, whether dropped or vendored.

right now I’ve only got a roided maddening with the 25% annoint running a MS build. I’ve been farming a lot lately but yet to see even a basic CMT, but it doesn’t seem to matter, still wrecking M10.

I found plenty of recurring hexes, though, I just don’t like the extra beams on top of mayhem modifier buddy beams and elemental beams.

Well, I shall keep looking just because, but in the meantime I shall continue to use my Hex - thanks all

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vending machine is where I got mine.

But as far as I know. Vending machines are not giving loot based on mayhem level yet.

I use a Mirv-Tacular Hex. I have a CMT with 25% but don’t really use it… The hex is a better choice, for me.

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Maybe I will stop looking and just use my Hex.
Knowing RNG, one will drop within minutes if I’m not looking

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I got mine yesterday in Athena watching the purple drops

Ooh, might take a trip there, getting bored of vending machines and maybe a kaoson might drop :thinking:

The only CMT I got is from vending machines. Got It with the Bear Annoint, but I just wish I could find one with the 25% global.

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I’ve been making due with epicenters till I find one, just been farming bosses and checking the vending machine each time. I feel like ill probably take a break now that I know they are going to scale, wait till they do scale before resuming my farming

I wish there were a legendary version of this grenade so we could farm it properly.