Cloning tracker grenade glitch

So I’m a moze main and when i heard that the cloning tracker grenade was the go to new meta i found a few pretty quickly. The problem with this grenade is that sometimes the cloned grenades that spawn after the first ones explode will start tracking the player itself. I thought i was just getting too close until i saw one following me around and not only that when mine exploded on me it spawned more that started following me as well. I don’t know if this happens with all tracker grenades that have divider, cloning, and mirv together but there is something going on that is not supposed to. If anyone else has seen this just leave a comment with your details.

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I wondered about that as well. I had that happen to me a few times, but I just figured that’s how they worked. I was maining Zane, so I just assumed that my SNTNL was getting sloppy on its aim. But then I had it happening with Moze. It seems to happen with the Mirv or Cloning trackers, but I haven’t been able to to reproduce reliably.

Myself and friends noticed this recently also. Wasn’t an issue before Fridays hotfix or at least that’s when we first noticed it. We have two Moze mains in our team using homing grenades but it was also effecting other characters using any type of homing grenade. It appears to be any type of homing grenade mod is affected.

I believe it only happens when fighting enemies who reflect damage. For example, it happens a lot in the time in Negul Neshai in dlc2 against the animals that reflect damage.

Side note: Since they’re physical objects in the game code, it can make you unable to get in ironbear because naturally we need more barriers to using our action skill on Moze.


Thanks, that actually makes sense as we where playing some side quests in DLC2 when we noticed it. Might have to have a second, non homing, grenade mod handy for those type of mobs.

In addition to the Negul Neshai wolvens, there are CoV who run around with baseball bats - they can return grenades to you in the same way. It can happen with other grenade types beside the Tracker as well.

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I didn’t throw mine at an enemy to test it, I tossed it to the ground and when it branched out into the secondary grenades that is when I noticed them following after me. It doesn’t happen very often but if my grenade misses a target I try to keep my distance so that I’m not the target being homed in on. Also I have noticed that recently getting into and out of the iron bear will sometimes cause issues where half of the time I can’t survive since you are stuck in the animation unable to avoid the damage when normally you should be able to tank it.

Any chance you are using the Freeze Tag mayhem modifier? The orbs that chase you get tracked by the homing mirvs.

Launch Pad relic and also Widowmaker are doing funky things recently as well,…

I think that’s where I noticed it, in DLC 2. It makes sense, at least for the “how”, not so much the “why”.

And you are right on about IB and Moze. When I’m not dying to my chain-explosions “back tracing” me, it’s because I can’t maneuver around some pixel that’s blocking IB. The game just needs to put IB in the nearest legal spot, within a 5’ radius of Moze, and port her inside. It’s bad enough I’m health-gated as soon as I exit, often by things I can’t see when in IB.

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No freeze tag is one of my least favorite mods in mayhem. Though I have noticed a few weird things happening with the modifies as well but to begin with these are the ones I run. Lootsplosion, Floor is lava, Laser fare, and Holy crit, which i have an easy time surviving with these but what i have noticed is that the laser fare sometimes switches to the healing drones. I think this has to do if i get disconnected and it reverts to some kind of offline set of modifiers. Other than that I haven’t had any issues between this and my modifiers. I do think that the floor is lava mod might be one thing that could be causing over-damage when exiting the iron bear but that is only an assumption.

This used to happen to me a lot with Reccurring Hex in the first couple months. Basically they would come back to me if all enemies where dead instead of going up into the sky or something.