Cloning Tracker vs Ghast Call and Vampyr

No doubt that a good Purple Cloning Tracker is just EXCELLENT in proccing Vampyr…hits hard too.

But I was wondering about a Ghast Call…with all the skulls…and all the yellow bars in the Raid.

Might it be even better in that situation??

Anybody tried it?

The Ghast Call is certainly the best grenade in the game for shredding armour, but Gearbox have locked all Halloween content including legendary drops until later this year. This means that unless someone else goes out of their way to mod a Ghast Call, you can’t find one with anointments like the 25% bonus damage for 6 seconds or 50% bonus elemental damage for 10 seconds after ASE. I’m not exactly sure which anointments are legit with the Ghast Call, come to think of it.

As far as I can recall, the ghast call shouldn’t even be able to drop anointed. I farmed dozens of it, I think I have one or two perfect vindicator somewhere, and I never saw one with an anointment,


Best I have is a Vindicator…no clue on what anoints were dropping at the time. But back to the question. Will it proc Vampyr good enough to stay alive in a constant shooting, Grenade spamming build? Would be sweet!!

Vindicator is a mix of roided+cloning, so it’s the best available and yes. It will proc vampyr enough to sustain you. Just test it on Athenas.

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Thanks…I will try a Raid run with it.

All those yellow bars…

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Darn thing just shreds…and procs Vampyr just fine…

Buuuut…it did NOT regen very fast…and I was running out of grenades constantly.

In a long term fight where you are constantly shooting and spamming grenades it did not seem like a good choice.

If you had time to switch to it…say the Kraken fight at the 1st phase of the raid…it would be excellent because after that fight you could change back to a Tracker and restock at the vending machines before moving on to the Valkyries.

So…bottom line…GREAT damage against Armor…but does not regen well and you may run out in a longer fight.

Annnnd…mine was not anointed so I lost that great 25% on grenade thrown that I have on my Tracker…

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Hey bud long time no see! I remember you from the BL2 forum days.

So yeah, Ghast Call won’t be able to have annointments(not legit anyways). I can’t remember why exactly but I distinctly recall knowing that when I was farming mine up.

With that said, it’s still a beast of a grenade and procs the ever-loving sheet out of Vampyr.

It also is, as expected, terrifying at shredding armor off and hits Uber hard even not ele matched.

I’ve got extras of a Cloning, Roided and Vindicated if you wanna try em out(and are on PS4. I think I recall you being PC but it’s been several years.

Anyways, it’s an awesome grenade to have in your arsenal and lemme know if I can help ya.

Hmm, that’s odd. For me it’s one of the best nades to proc Means off…

Then again it seems that MoD has been working differently (or not working in some cases) depending on the system your on…I thought that bug had been fixed…

Not sure, I don’t have much problem keep em regened though(PS4).

I had been changing around equip when I tested. Am on PC.

Going to restart with no equip changes in the same constant shooting, grenade spamming build I use with the Tracker and never run out of grenades.

Will see if I get the same results.

Yeah Means can be buggy. It doesn’t work at ALL for me in multiplayer…which kinda sucks since Moze’ health sustainment is so one dimensional with 'nades and Vamp. I hope this gets fixed soon because I like multiplayer at times.

But whenever I’m playing(solo) and it stops working I just stop and clear the systems cache and that tends to revive things.