Close Enough and Hive don't lock on to Raging Midgets

Is it just me, or has anyone else seen this? Midgets who fall off Nomad shields become Raging Midgets, and for some reason, seem to be ignored by both Close Enough and the homing effects on the Hive and the Deliverance. I ran through Sawtooth, and had the chance to try on several midgets. I emptied complete mags on my Fibber, but not a single hit. So, I tried with the Hive and Deliverance, but both of these went on their merry way, and ignored the midgets completely.

I knew from before that they can’t be slagged if the Nomad, who the midget was strapped to, had a status effect on him when he died. And since the Ancient Dragons, Airborne Marauders and Loot Midgets all share the same mechanic if you shoot them before they land, I’m curious to whether they too are ignored by Close Enough and the Hive.

Has anyone else experienced this, or did my game simply take me for a ride?


Not three days ago, I had a heck of a time getting Execute to “see” one properly.

I may go light up Big Maw to free up a couple and see if homing grenades or the Wanderlust can see them either. It’s like the engine can’t see them?