Closed - all gone

Just leave your gt. and I’ll send through mail.
Also, if anybody could hook me up w/ any of these, I would greatly appreciate it -

  • Digi Clone swap Maggie or Night Hawkin
  • Gamma Burst Faisor or Carrier

My gt. Is RavenMock3r

Hey there, I would love the Frozen Heart w/ the Phasegrasp anoint! I don’t have either of the items your looking for, I’m afraid!

GT is dafatman911

Thank you su much!

Hi There, please can I have the Bounty Hunter Class mod psn is andrewmarks1

I’ll take the loaded dice if it’s still ava. GT: yipikiya, thanks. Unfortunately i don’t have any of the items your looking for but will shoot it your way if i find any.

Take the Bounty Hunter COM, GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

It’s all good. I’ll try to send it over to you after work today.

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Sounds good. I’ll send your Loaded Dice after work today.

I’ll try to get it to you after work