*CLOSED!* I Will Powerlevel/Help you with Missions on Borderlands 2

Will be getting on later tonight so if you need leveled on BL2 for PS4, hit me up with a friend request. I play most days and from Scotland. Hope we have a good time and all players welcome :D. If you don’t need help leveling, I can also help on any missions/bosses on any difficulties.

PSN: hitman10466

Hey I’m currently level 41 and would like some help just to get up to 50 rather fast if you’re still available?

Yes, add me and ill get yoU up some levels :smiley:

I’d like to be power leveled I’m lol 12 now I’d like to be 30 ish PSN is XxKrazedSnipezxX

Hey i need someone to help me level up on xbox one Gt: ItsHobogoblin hit me up btw i have no mic.

Sorry i play PS4

Ok ill get you to 30 ish :smiley:

Hey I got a friend that needs powerleveling plz

come on boss you can get him to 72

LOL :smile:

Yeah just tell him to add me i’ll be on tomorrow.

Why arent you online :frowning: Need to buy some weapons!

My lvl 31 Krieg could use some powerleveling so i can get trough TVHM fast & easy ^^

psn = gilleSplitr

Got an exam tomorrow bro :frowning: I will sell you them tomorrow

Sure, add me and ill help :smile:

Are you able to solo terramorphous on normal? missing that and hyperion slaughter for the trophy. help is greatly appreciated ^-^

Hi asked you today if you can powerlvl me and my bro would be very nice from you if youre still available

im a lvl 12 can u help me get to lvl 50 fast and if u can help me in the story

I cant power level but I can help you in the story. I’m lvl 72 siren

Can I plz be power leveled,I am level 13 and would like to become 30ish,psn is skullcrack29 thx