*CLOSED INDEFINITELY* That_Guy42's "When Bored" Banner and Avatar Shop

I’m sorry to say it but I’m closing shop for the foreseeable future. Without any requests in over a year, and with my life taking a new path I will no longer do signatures any time soon. Maybe if things change with the next Borderlands and I find some free time it may reopen. Regardless, it was great being a fanatical BL meat popsicle with all of you and I hope that someday I will be again. Thank y’all!

Request List:

  • GET YOU ONE! -

Hey y’all!

Welcome to my image shop! I sometimes get bored, and when I do I make stuff. All sorts of stuff!

I believe if a forum member wants a banner or avatar, they intend to stick around and be a supportive community member. So I lend what skills I have to those less capable.

So if you want something, take a look at my work. If you like what you see, I can help!

Please read this big list of stuff before you make a request:

  • Members must have at least have a post count of 42, if you’re new, before I will consider a request. So get on here and make a name for yourself!
  • Please be reasonable with requests, as I use paint.NET on my SHINY NEW LAPTOP OF GAMING GOODNESS! (maybe Photoshop soon???)
  • All services rendered are completely free to you! I expect nothing in return.
  • All requests must conform to the forum rules.
  • Please supply stock images.
  • I do not claim any original artwork in requests as my own.
  • If you have a specific character and skin combo, please provide a screen shot. Otherwise I may not be able to find it.
  • I love Borderlands, so stuff related to that is fun to make. But nearly any subject matter is possible.
  • I also prefer to discuss requests by private messages (PM).
  • All backgrounds are made for the desktop version of the forums, mobile versions are…well I have no idea.
  • Avatars are still 100x100 pix, so all old forum ones can still be used so long as they are exactly square.
  • Old sigs may be able to be reused as user cards, or at least parts of them.
  • Profile backgrounds are easy, but if you have a bio then only top most portion may be visible. Goes the same for cards.
  • To use images, right click and select “save as”, then pick it from the “profile preferences”.
  • If you have lost your image, please PM me and I’ll help fix it!
  • Be happy! :smile:

Click here for examples of my work!



WOW… lots of good stuff here. I like it. Might need you to do some stuff for my site.

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Thanks! Gimme some time, still fixing up my new computer how I like it.

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Hey you got a new PC! Congrats :smile:
I see you ported the requests I’d like to confirm my sig request be instead a banner.

Aye. Still trying to comprehend these banner things. Standby.

No problem, getting used the to new forums (and their limitations like no animated user pics :cry:) does take some time so as always take as much as you need to adjust.
Hmm… that reminds me I ought to double check that the original request doesn’t break something here (it’ll be too large/unreadable)

Almost figured it out. Check out my profile and stuff.

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Hello again. You helped me out twice before. (BL 2 and TPS) And I am hoping you could please help me out again.
I don’t have anything in mind, but if you could use your creativity, I am sure I would like the banner.
thanks and I am never in a rush…!!!

Hey man! How’s it going?

As always, I’ll help out.

thanks again Life is good !!
You still working on your house?Think you mentioned it back in BL 2 glory days.

Yep. Kitchen in progress. Cabinets ordered, floor 98% complete.

Short one box of wood flooring. :frowning:

Say, I wouldn’t mind a banner for my profile page (if you do those anyway, since sig’s are out of the question) that involves Gaige and Bridget from Guilty Gear.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll link the images you cna use.

I think I got the placement and size parameters figgured out:

  • Avatars are still 100x100 pix, so all those can still be used so long as they are exactly square.

  • Old sigs may be able to be reused as user cards, or at least parts of them.

  • Profile backgrounds are easy, but if you have a bio then only top most portion may be visible. Goes the same for cards.

I’m starting the request list anew, so please message me if you would like something!

Generic but very acceptable request: I’d like a pic with Craw and Craw Jr and if that’s not too much add something Captain Falcon related, perhaps the falcon’s emblem in/as part of the background?

More detailed request:
For Craw Junior it’d be awesome if he was jumping over Senior but it’s not required.
For Senior he shouldn’t have any parts of him missing (shell, arm, eyes etc. aka visible battle damage)
For Captain Falcon (if you wanted to add him the character and not a logo) no death, blood or gore that’s supposed to be him, him preparing a falcon punch (one arm forward to aim or whatever with the other slightly cloaked in fire) towards them would be fine as is him doing one of his side taunt (“come at me bro” pose basically)

Edity: Apologies for changing it but I swear I won’t want another sig banner(?) for awhile nor will I make any changes unless you think something wouldn’t work well (too much stuff, not enough banner, etc.)

Sure! If you have any specific images in mind, please let me know before I commit to artistic licenses.

Here’s jumping pic of Craw Jr (wrong angle but the best I can find right now so it’ll do)

Hmmm… you don’t need to use all of him, you can chop off the lower part to make him fit over Craw (will find soon also)

Edity: Here’s a good craw pic

You could put Junior over his left/right claw or something probably

Thanks for the Profile Picture Background you made :slight_smile:

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Moved examples to linked topic, see OP.

You should have a “Customers Helped” or something similar list, do a little advertising of your work kinda.

In fact, I have an idea. Inbound to you soon.