*CLOSED INDEFINITELY* That_Guy42's "When Bored" Banner and Avatar Shop

Hey, I’d like a standard Krieg avatar, and could you see if you could repurpose my sig to make it able to be a banner? Hope it’s not too much trouble.
Still trying to figure out the User card background. Dunno what it does.

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Sorry for the long response, stuff and things…anyway still want this?

Me thinks he does (last seen 1 day ago so @BanditNation still frequents these parts I reckon)

Yeah, and I don’t mind the wait.

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This one is bigger (1920*1080), may work for you mate. (:

Hmm… maybe but only if someone can edit in the stuff in my current Card(?) background.

What’s this then?

I honestly have no idea but I do know that for whatever reason even though the card is within the correct size it’s being lopped off on the ends :crying_cat_face:

I think I remember us talking about that. Your screen size is the same as mine, so I don’t understand why it’s doing that. I even asked Joe and he doesn’t know. Can you send me a screen shot?

Sure, here you go :smiley_cat:

Blurred email address on my end cause I don’t feel like receiving spam from internet trolls/bots.
Hmm… don’t know why it keeps shrinking itself when uploading but whatever, shows what appears on my end.

Discourse auto-resizes (Thank you Discourse). Clicking the image shows it enlarged.

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I can click it! Awesome :slight_smile:
(normally in the preview I can but this time it opted not to so I was a bit confused)

If you like where everything else is, I can move the capt falcon deal over some.

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Does it not look like that on your end? If so it’s fine as is I think :slight_smile:

Hey, you can try to use your old sig as a user card if you like. User cards pop up when you click a user’s avatar or name on the desktop version of the site.

Lemme know if you need your old sig again and I’ll message it to you.

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Farewell, it was fun!

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