Closed LF cutsman fire and corrosive and xz41 Please close this Post

Both have to have 125% damage on ase. Both Level 53. Xz41 with sntnl cryo and other elements. The xz41 i have are fire and cryo but no anoints. Those weapons have to have anoints.
Thank you in advance.
PSN: AngelofLove57

Also I need to mention that’s not listed above does anyone have this class mod which is the bloodletter for moze? I prefer smg and mag size but any other is fine. Thank you.[]

The xz41 i looking for is zane sntnl while active or after ase with a chance of 50% cryo damage.

I have stuff to trade if needed depending on what you looking for in return for I’m looking for.

I have other ones not listed here.

Here are weapons and such not in bank.

I have a couple of nice Bloodletters. When I get home I’ll check the rolls.

Alright thank you.

Anything I have interests you message me back on here.

Unfortunately I don’t have my stuff shown here due to my frustration and lost all of them. Well majority of items also from friends mailed to me in game only have on my characters and the rest of them I farmed are gone. My frustration led to the deletion of my user setting file which i had all farmed and from friends I no longer have that file with the exception of old user setting file which had level 10 to 50 items in the bank. Can someone here and close this thread? I appreciate it. This thread is closed. Thank you.