[CLOSED] LF Gear for Moze lets trade


My gamertag is ThirdEyeOP

Level 50 gear I want:

*redundant laser sploider
*redundant face puncher shotgun
*Epic lemniscate class mod
*Deathless artifact with grenade damage
*Cutpurse prefix artifact with boost to magazine size
*legendary blast master class mod

I’m trying to clear my bank so anything I’m not using is up for grabs.

Items in my bank are as follows:
Anointed fire lucian’s call
Anointed disciplined vanquisher
Anointed Adapting Ripper
Anointed Handsome Jackhammer
Firesale long musket
Frozen Polybius
Arctic Relentess Kaos
Corrosive breath of the dying
Redundant brainstormer
Anointed Expert storm
Venomous barrage
Overencumbered standardized carrier
Hawt dayumned sawbar
Binary hazardous cutsman (fire)
Binary mocking cutsman (shock)
Expert firestorm
Expert kill o wisp
Pestilent damned
Gunerang xl
Artic star helix
Hyperfocus xz41
Undermining conference call (radiation)
Bountiful destructo spinner
Ginormous Bangarang xl
Engulfing shredifier
Ruthless infinity
Unending magnificent
Venomous nemesis
Gatlin gatling gun
Rowan’s call (radiation)
Hawt pain is power
Sleeping giant
Wicked wagon wheel
Negating the dictator
Breathing room quick charge big boom blaster
Injected nova berner
Ironclad whiskey tango foxtrot
Tortoise re-charger
Hex (cryo)
Metabolizing front loader
Tran-fusion frag grenade
Cloning chupa’s organ
Popular bitch
Dastardly maggie
Shredded scourge
Shocking aaa
Conference call
Peerless thunderball fists
Cloning hunter seeker
Red queen

I’ve got two face punchers, one is redundant. Do you have any laser sploders, elemental Flakkers, or Good stormfronts?

I have a fire element flakker. I’ll trade it for the redundant face puncher.

Cool. I’ll be on in a bit and I’ll message you.

I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon currently away for work.

Sending you a Bloodletter.

I don’t need it and it will just get sold otherwise.

That said, if you happen to have a radiation recurring hex or radiation laser-sploder you’d be willing to part with, let me know.

I’ve got a blast master. Any chance you have a rain firestorm or any recurring hex?

I believe I have the firestorm. I’ll confirm with you tomorrow. Only hex I have is the mirv prefix cryo

I got the mod. Thanks!! Look at my list and let me know what I can send tour way

I’ve got that redundant face puncher and recurring hex if you have any of that gear we talked about earlier or the anointed rough rider for Zane

I have a couple of storm fronts if you have a radiation mirv-tactucular/recurring hex

Add me on the xbox. Hunter I got you

Added just now

Shameless bump. Still looking for quite a few items

I have a cutpurse artifact and a redundant face puncher if you still need those

Yes I still need those. What would you like from my list for them?

I’d trade the face puncher for your venomous hornet - that’s level 50 right? I had one drop last night but it was level 49 : (

It’s 50 add me I’ll hop on the xbox real quick so we can trade. What do you want for the cutpurse?

Closed at OP’s request