[Closed] Looking for a couple of Victory Rush

I’m trying to get hold of a Snowdrift and Last Victory Rush Preferably with cooldown and some dmg bonuses

I’ve got the below and then some more to trade including some other +100% Rakk attack i cant remember exact names of, if you’re interested.

  • Ice Crops with 50% shock ASE
  • MOARR Linage with 50% radiation ASE
  • Fire Baby Maker with 120% Splash Gunner ASE
  • Corrosive Devil’s foursome with 30% dmg airborne
  • Shocking Foursome with 40% incendiary ASE x2 magazine
  • Plain dmg Foursome with 100% dmg ASE
  • shock crossroad with 50% cryo ASE
  • non-anointed crader’s EMP5 x2
  • A bunch of faisors, many with anointments
  • Breath of the Dying with 130% Digiswap
  • Shock kaos with 50% shock ASE
  • Carrier with 50% corrosive ASE
  • x2 shreddifier with Consecutive hits weapon dmg anointment
  • x2 shreddifier with FIRE element and Corrosive 50% ASE
  • non anointed good juju
  • shock butcher with IB exit 40% incendary dmg
  • Polybius with IB Exit 120% splash dmg
  • Corrosive Boring gun with 120% splash IB exit
  • Fire flakker with extra Rakk attack
  • 19324 dmg x2 ion cannon with 50% dmg to enemy with 25% health or less
  • Monacle with 50% shock on next 2 magazines ase
  • Lyuda plain dmg with 100% rakk attack dmg boost

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I’m really only searching for a Loaded Dice with HP Regen and Magazine Size that isn’t Slam, slide, or melee related.

Would prefer Last Stand, Ice Breaker, Atom Balm, Flesh Melter, Loot Expanding, Elemental Projector, or (Cutpurse okay).

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I’ll have to take a look at my Loaded Dice when I get home. I’ve got 2. I dont like to use them because it hurts Ironbear’s health, but I dont know what passives they have.

Even if i dont have it. Thanks for responding! Normally trades get no response :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a few I have. They’re not exactly what you asked for, but I threw in some random Adam balms Soni could just get it out for trade in general.

I don’t see anything in there I can use, but I’ll send you one of the artifacts I posted anyways.

I’ll be on around 8 pm central.

PSN jorgeammo

Please leave a note in the friend request,

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Thanks. Sent u a request. I’ll keep an eye out anyways.

I have an ice breaker victory rush with 16 cryo dam movement speed and 27 cro efficiency