Closed - (no more) Free Legendaries 3.0

Here we go again
GT and what you like
Only one of everything available
Max two item per person (at least at the beginning)


GT : yipikiya, ill take the transfomer ase fire please.

GT: grlms reaper (yes that’s an L not i)
Please let me get the transformer and the siren class mod phazezerker

You should have it

You are awesome!

Phasezerker is yours
Transformer was allready out (first come, first served)

No probs, I got the other item thanks dude!:+1:

Please could I have the snowdrift Otto idol and the shock stone idol?
Added you as a friend on Xbox. Thanks!!!

Cant find you
Send me a pm and i will send you the artifacts

Thanks - sent you a Xbox message.

You should have your stuff
Thx for helping with the pm

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Really appreciate it, all received thanks!!

Could I get the Blast Master mod? GT: BANEofurXISTNCE

You should have it

Thanks! Appreciate it


I’ll take Shock Hex w/ On Grenade Thrown - Weapon, Grenade, & Action Skill Damage

And Band of Sitorak w/ ASE damage reduction please!

I would like the Back ham with the cooldown to give that a try. GT = Chase D Gamer08. Thanks Tom

Will send it tomorrow

I think you missunderstood my post
Only things in the pictures are available
And i allways delete the picture of the things that i’ve allready given away

What i give away are mostly things that i have used my self for my builds. So things that do work. But since i found a upgrade for them, i dont usem anymore and give them away for free so people who dont have that much time, to farm, or luck, or cant trade for top tier gear or what ever, can have them and use them as a starting point/upgrade for theyre builds like i did.