Closed (no more) Free Top Tier Legendaries 2.0

On to another one
This time we only have 3 items
(Since all good things are 3) :sweat_smile::+1:

First come, first served
Only 1 item per player
Please say wich item AND your gamertag
You should get the item in less then 1 day (if you have it, feel free to tell me) if you dont get it, send me a pm
So here they are:

+50 cryo dmg while sntnl

Spiritual Driver 1
3 Mindfullnes, 2 Helping Hands
(29% splash dmg radius, 20% corro resistance, 50% torgue acc)

Spiritual driver 2
3 Mindfullnes, 1 Helping Hands, 1 Clarity
(25% wpn dmg, 31% shotgun dmg, 32% wpn acc)

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Ill take the Maggie :slight_smile:
GT: Megalom4niac

Iā€™d like spiritual driver number two please! GT whatevercb

Spiritual Driver 1 pls!

GT dafatman911

Thank you very much!

Every thing is out
Have some fun with it guys


Thankyou. :smiley: