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Hey, would you be interested in trading the snowdrift otto idol and brawler ward with corrosive ASE? I have a maggie 100 SNTNL and 100 SNTNL redistributors. I might be a getting a 100 SNTNL carrier tonight

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Sure dude. I’ve never had a Redistributor. What elmts you got? And Lvl 53 right?

I too am intereseted in the redistibuters, you have level 53?

Cryo, shock and corrosive, all level 53. Probably have a fire one coming too

Yes they are

Awesome dude. I’ll take the cryo one. If you can send them to me in the mail, I’ll send yours. I just need your gt.
Mine is RavenMock3r

that works for me, I won’t be home for about 4 hours though. My gt: gvon88

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Sounds good buddy. I’ll add you now and do business later. Thank you.

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Got some new stuff


I’ve picked up some fancy new artifacts

Would you be interested in any of (all level 53) Maggie 125% damage vs bosses, Night hawking ASE 50 corrosive, cloning hunter seeker ASE 50% radiation, Cutsman corrosive ASE 125 % splash dam? I would be interested in any of Ice Breaker Moxxi artifact, Last stand otto idol, and /or the lvl 53 bounty hunter class mod. Thanks GT = Tom dot 66

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I am interested in the Cloning Hunter Seeker. Which item would you prefer?

Redistributor. The cloning hunter seeker is coming your way. Thanks Tom

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Sorry confused. Ice breaker moxxi, Thanks Tom

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Lol… Sending it now. Thanks Tom.

:roll_eyes: Doing too many things at once. LOL Dangerous when that happens. :slight_smile:

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