Closed - no more thread

I will be on in a few hours. and then I can send yours. Thanks Tom

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Need corrosive redistributor got 100 ase wedding inv and 125 ase rad glacier some other stuff to

Is the Fl4k Breath of the dying still available?
If so, from your list I have a Pestilent Dictator, corrosive, 538, Ann Op, 130% damage after clone swap.

Works for me. Just need your gt. and I’ll send it to you. Thanks.

Great, thanks. My gt is Trathenator

It’s sent. Thanks a lot

K… It’ll be a little longer til I send yours. I’m playing Darksiders w/ my son real quick.

No worries. Cheers.
I got my main Zane to 53, haven’t even fired up 50 Fl4k (or main Amara) yet.

Farmed Graveward on mayhem 3 for like 20 min.s to level 53… Completed all rounds of slaughtershaft to lvl 53 as well. Gravewards easier though lol.

I’m not in a hurry… but I guess I should do it before the heart thingy ends

Thanks for the items. Your items are on their way

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Gonna trash everything soon… Hoping to get a few trades.

If you’re trashing it anyway, could I have the melee anoint Face Puncher and melee anoint Brawler Ward?

Sorry I don’t have much to give in return but I’ll keep an eye out for any of the items you want.

GT DeadheadHix09

Give it away?! Give it away?! I’m trying to get trades over here!

Nah. Just messing with you. Time to turn this “trade” thread into a giveaway I guess. Maybe some of ya will return the favor.

Everybody just leave what you want and your gt. And I’ll send it to you. Just remember ME when you have some spare Fl4k & Zane gear. Peace out.