Closed Technical Test and Beta Are Not the Same Thing

It’s early and I’m a bit cranky, but I just wanted to put it out there (again) that the terms CTT and Beta are NOT interchangeable. They are 2 distinct entities. I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, but please please PLEASE check out @TatlTael’s post here for a good explanation of the differences.

Let me also add that participation/exclusion from one is not necessarily indicative of participation/exclusion in the other, but know that most likely they will both happen for Battleborn and the game and community will be the better for it.

And remember, knowing is half the battle!

What’s the point of this thread?

I’m just a bit OCD about things and it was bothering me seeing people use the terms interchangeably. Like I said, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. But it’s early, I’m bored, and I was letting off some steam on the internet because I can. Childish, I know; oddly enough, pointless threads are a pet peeve of mine too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also curious if it bugs other people too, so we’ll see. :smiley:

Doesn’t bother me how people word it.

No company follows any hard and fast rules as to what their tests involve.

There is not set standard for whats in a tech or alpha or beta.

I get your true problem though, people using the term “Beta” to refer to all steps of the process.
I bet you have a similar issue with people calling all brands of jello, jello. Or that every brand of lip balm is referred to as Chapstick.
Or my personal favorite, every form of device for ear cleaning is called a Q-tip.


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I mean look at ahem (refrains from direct brand pointing) “Big corporate OS maker,” they just release stuff and hope the users will point out the bugs.

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This also has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself and is just a rant about nothingness. As above examples also forgot to include are the people that use the word irregardless when regardless already means what they think irregardless should mean.

Which leads one to wonder what those people believe regardless means but regardless of all that, this discussion should probably be closed as it does not really have a purpose to the game discussion.

Or every nose wiping thing is a Kleenex. Were we separated at birth?

I coined an acronym for my feelings about this at work recently, SBT; stands for Sad But True. :smiley:

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I concur, but since there’s a few responses I’d suggest instead of closing it, if this isn’t the right sub-forum for such a post, then GBX create an Off-Topic sub-forum like they have elsewhere iirc. I’d be glad to continue the chat there. No harm to just chat about randomness every once in a while, right? :smiley:

Given that it is staying civil, no harm at all and I would agree that if they did not already, then they should make an off topic forum. Sometimes these things can get rude and I think that is why mod has not responded yet because it is staying civil and the part about being in this does not guarantee beta access is a useful bit of info.

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Wait isnt that the acronym of the day??

“AAAAAHHHHHH” ****runs around with arms flailing and screaming while furniture bounces up and down and plants begin to dance------

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This morning I boiled some potatoes.
When they were done I mashed them to the point of leaving them chunky.
I added a half brick of cream cheese and a small amount of cream.
I added a half stick of butter.
I added salt, and pepper.
I also crumbled up the leftover bacon from yesterdays BLT’s and put that in there.

I am currently enjoying creamy mashed potatoes with bacon…


Can’t get more off topic than that.

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So basically you just brought Facebook to the Battleborn forums, well done!

P.S. Would’ve said Twitter but that was more than 140 characters!

Beware of the incoming zombies!

I did. Shut up and “like” my status. Later I intend to do some laundry. FML

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This thread has totally made me forget that it’s 40 degrees Fahrenheit, dark, and raining outside. Props to you all! :smiley:

Moved to the games and tech section.

well since we’re off topic, why are you the 2nd prettiest mod? and who is the prettiest?

Kitty is the prettiest mod.


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i got in and i’m going to start playing tomorrow ! ! !! !