Closed Technical Test Music?

What happened to the badass track that was on the character select screen on the CTT. It gave an amazing feeling and overtone to the selection screen, and when I saw it absent in the beta I was a bit disappointed. Now that full release is out the selection screen is so quiet, and that piece of music is just gone.

Please bring it back or give us some option to enable it, I really loved it.

This guy feels the same


I’ve been hoping that music would emerge somewhere in the game, but it hasn’t. Perhaps it was purely a promo piece. It shouldn’t have been cut, imho, because it was the score responsible in crafting the general FEEL of the game. It’s loss is sadness.

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Finally, I found her ! :slight_smile:

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Goddamn the vibes, mannn… I dreamed of that ■■■■ for months between CTT and beta.

Should definitely be an option to change bgm in the menus imo.

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