Closed Technical Tester, No Access to CTT Forums

Ok. So, I’ve been playing the Closed Technical Test for some time. I didn’t dump all my available free time into, but I have had a lot of fun. Especially running around in game with friends, experimenting with different builds and so on.

I have a small contribution I would like to make as a Tester for 2K Gaming and Gearbox. Though, my suggestions may have been announced, I would like to still make them.

Yet, I do not have access to the Forums. So I cannot.

I have tried every other day, or so, to access the CTT Forums and am still met with the ugly “Does Not Exist” Error. I figured my account was lumped in with all the ones that were supposed to have it unlocked by last Thursday. I see now, that is not the case.

Just saying. I cannot uphold my part of the bargain to post things on your CTT Forums, if I am not given access to do so.
Post a screenshot if it denies access to it…

I too have been playing in the closed beta. However, I don’t have access to ctt either.
Below is the proof of my game time hours played.

I’m hoping that @JoeKGBX can resolve this.

Yea, no worries. Just PM me your SHiFT email and I’ll get you access! :smile:

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More people on the CTT forums!? What will happen to 150 topics a day?! :wink:

I sent @JoeKGBX a PM with my screen shot of still being denied access to the forums, just now. Wish I could also take a Screen Shot of time spent playing, but I’ve got access on my PS4. No idea how to find that info on the console.

I’m in the same boat… tested my heart out but never actually got access to the forums. That was sad for me as I had things I wanted to talk about :confused:

I’ll get access for you guys today.

Been 2 Days, and still no access to the forums. I’ve double, triple, and quadruple checked my email I used here, for my SHiFT account, and my PSN account. They all match.

Sorry about that. Try again now. :smile:

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Thanks, it worked this time!

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Enjoy the forums for all of your CTT speaking needs! :wink:

can’t access battleborn. have already played the game but I got new hardware for my pc and had to reformat hdds.

The test ended, friendo.

Stay tuned for the open beta in early 2016!

aww damn… I was on the website and wanted to play it and it won’t let me redownload my ctt key