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Closed Full Now.
Update: This Shop Does Not Power Lvl or Gear Drop.

BL2- Raid Boss Killing, Questing and Farming. Need help with any of these? Just ask :wink:

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Also watch me on Twitch @ PLAYERJLC

Thanks everyone for the Great Feedback…

Please* Read Notes* Below.

Update Read- Due to high volume Blank Friends Request Will Be Deleted. Be sure to add message to friends request if you seek help. I Do Not Power Lvl** anymore Sorry. Please Note** I have a normal group of guys I game with, so times I won’t have time to help people if so please be patient and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Recent Update- Please do not expect us to dupe you Op8 gear at all. This isn’t a trade nore giveaway shop. What we have listed above^^ is what we offer.

Rule #1. No Loot Ninja’s.
Rule #2. Don’t touch anything missions nore objectives at all. I have certain things left open for a reason.
Rule #3. Please don’t spam invites. Simply send me a message and I’ll return it as soon as I have time. I want to help but also enjoy this game. Thanks.
Rule #4. I do not power lvl anymore, sorry for the inconvenience.
**Send friends request with a message stating what you need help with.

Op8-Sal x3
Op8-Maya x2
Op8-zero x2
Op8- Commando
Other Ps4*** Members willing to help if I can’t be reached. Send them a friends request with message also.


But you do help OP leveling? or is that not in the books anymore?

Like the title says. I Op lvl, raid, and help farm certain things. I don’t not Power lvl which mean I don’t help people get to lvl 72 anymore. I only OP lvl which mean I will take you through the raid at destructive peak from 72 to op8.

Sure, we do the op-runs. No pwr lvling like bar room brawl for hours.


Hi i need help killing terramorphus i am a lvl 50 krieg my PSN is bulldog_vii

No problem

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Hi again just killed terra with one of your guys i want to farm terra a few times to get psycho mod PSN bulldog_vii

Friend request sent

Online now.

Awesome I will definitely be contacting you later this evening I’m stuck on op4

Can you help me and a friend get to op 8 ?

Yes add me on psn

I’ve been farming for the unkempt harold and the bee been having all kinds of problems they won’t seem to drop anyone else having problems. Farmed savage Lee for 5 levels now an nothin

What lvl are you looking to get it in?

Sent you a friend request :smile:

level55 now but I can’t get drops from anyone at all except loot midgetsIm

I only need help with op7 to 8 now I sent friend request

Hey JLC , thanks again for my last 4 OP levels bud . Really appreciated the help man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I really could use some help from OP4 to OP8. Can’t find anyone on four or higher to help me through it.

Send us a friend request, I´ll be on in a while and Pro later tonight I think.