Closest game youve ever had?

Just had a game… ended up being 496-494 us… wow! talk about close! i dont think it can get much better than that, lol!

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During beta I had a meltdown end 500-499 (I was on the wrong end of that deal) and I have had a incursion game where we lost our sentry the destroyed their sentry in the last 2 min to tie 50-50 but we got the victory due to having the first blood

Both games were stressful near the end, but they were also super exciting and I wish every game was like that

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Closest match so far was on Overgrowth.
We lost our first sentry in 5 minutes because the lack of teamplay and since then we had a tough fight to not let them slip through to our second one.
Basicly it was 100-50 the entire match until the last 30 seconds.
I told my team to not push anymore, just hold the line and try to not finish a single battleborn of… just let them escape with low life so their Miko is busy healing them.
Then i went with Benedict the path down to mid-Thralls and jumped up the tunnel where their Shard and Thrall is located.
First i captured the Thrall pretty fast with some rockets into his face (Benedict is the best to kill Thralls within seconds due to high burstdamage with headshots) and then i used the Thrall as cover to penetrate their sentry without dying… since i allways pick the +50% against shields helix, the shields of their sentry went pretty fast down, but the last 10 seconds already started.
When only 2 seconds where left i needed to reload and my heart was beating like hell :smiley: … thankfully i had a lot of +reload equip and helix and was able to fire the last rocket which hit just when the timer ended so we won 49-50 :wink:

Best match and ending ever.

The 499-500 matches on paradise already feel pretty common for me because i had severall of them during CTT, beta and since release.

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This was my first game in which the timer ran out.
Seeing that last 10 seconds countdown gave me a rush of adrenaline :sweat_smile:

It was so close that it was actually a tie. We won only because of the average player score.

By 1 point. Seriously. It doesn’t get any closer than that.


We won a 50 - 49 Incursion Overgrowth match bco timeout last night CET (was yours last night @Aeekto?)

I am not using headset but heard anyways, through the tv: People were screaming at the end - and not at each other!

That fight was smokin’ intense …

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It was saturday night :wink:

500-493 loss in meltdown in recent memory. But that was when we were down 400-280 something! :smiley:
But these here are absolutely crazy intense though. Wishing for more matches like these once matchmaking gets better.

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I wonder if I was part of that one. I found this in my beta screenshots folder:

Haha it is possible! If so I will have to get rrreeeeveeeennnggggeee (as Attikus elequently puts it)

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I’ve had a Meltdown match about a week ago, we had 500 points, the enemy team 499. ;D
That was so awesome.

And two days ago I did a capture match, and won with 1000-999. XD

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lol damn. that sir… is… as close as it gets. gg. u just came in here and destroyed my thread lol

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I’ve had quite a few really close ones in the past days. Over half go to lvl ten and several go to time. I dunno if the player base is hitting the stride suddenly or maybe matchmaking got tweaked. But I’m loving the sudden influx.

Just last night I had two 500 - 490 games and one that was a tie that we lost barely based on score.

So far the closest match I’ve had was a 48-50 loss by timeout in Incursion. They killed our first sentry in about 7 minutes and we killed their first sentry with 2 minutes to go. If the match was another minute longer we probably would have won. :frowning:

Same stats on my game. Happened a while ago though. xD

Had an incursion match where we were up in score but they destroyed our first sentry. Their sentry was at half health. I’m rath waiting to respawn. I tell my buddy playing thorn to do anything possible to take the shield down even if you die. Respawn… Mad dash to the sentry… Pop dreadwind… Circle the sentry… Took it down with 3 seconds left and we win due to score. It was so cool cuz my thorn buddy ended up dying taking the shield down and watched the whole thing lol

This one.

I don’t think this was actually my closest game, but it was exciting. We lost 12-23 on incursion. As time was running out both teams had people attacking each others sentry, so it was essentially a damage race for the countdown. It was one of the most exciting matched I’ve had.

Closest was a 50-50 with our team losing on score with 30 seconds left. We managed to push in and kamikaze the hell out of their Sentry to put 2 points of damage on it for the win.

Felt good.

I’ve had a couple lately where we were behind by a few points in Meltdown while the 10 count was on the screen and we managed to win. I don’t remember my scores but I can’t see a match being any closer than that.

Won an incursion last night. 51-50, our sentry just baarely survived, and we just baarely killed theirs in an all-out final push. Our score was a good 40 lower than theirs.