Cloud Download Issues and Wiped BA Stats: Still Not Thrilled But At Least It's A Start

To say I’m pissed would be a gross understatement! I paid extra money to have this game shipped express and I still can’t play any of my old Xbox 360 Cloud Saves and my BA Rank is 0

*** UPDATE ***

Cloud Saves are now downloading but BA % stats are wiped clean and Golden Keys did not transfer.
It let me keep my BA Rank but it gave me a ton of BA Tokens that I had to use to re-spec my % stats.
That literally took me over 4 hours of mind numbing non-stop scrolling and button pushing.
That really really sucked.

Gbx are testing solutions at the moment. Do, Pease, try to be patient.

yea its better they release a patch that actually fixes the problem an not rush something out that does nothing or jus makes it worse or adds new bugs.( like techland did with dying light, 3 patches in an the bugs still not fixed) 7 days is not very long at all especially when its concerning patching consoles. after 3 months with no news or a fix then imo you have some grounds for complaint. obviously the game should have worked properly to begin with but ■■■■ happens i suppose.

It also can’t enumerate downloadable content? Does that mean absolutely everything was included in BL2: THJE?

I purchased this game specifically so I could play my saved characters (as advertised) and in NO WAY did Gearbox disclaim that the product would be unable to do so on launch day and remain that way indefinitely. This game is the reason I bought an Xbox One. I wasted an extra $12 to have the game arrive in my mailbox on launch day. I think I have every right to feel mislead and ripped off, because had I known the game was unable to fulfill that promise on launch day I never would have paid for express shipping.

The problems with cloud save aren’t intentional.

Patch is live now for BAR :smiley:


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Psychowizard, it’s like purchasing a race car and after getting it on the track realizing that the manufacture hasn’t figured out how to make it go fast yet. The game was brought to market before a MAJOR selling feature was functional. Shame on Gearbox for that.

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