Cloud Kill and Thoughtlock (no cloud kill)

Has anyone noticed that cloud kill does not apply itself on an enemy that is currently being thoughtlocked? Only after or before the Thoughtlock starts/runs out. Any idea if this is supposed to act like this or a possible bug? Thnx in advance

Also transfusion grenades will heal the thoughtlocked guy :confused: stealz my healz

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I’d say that (and the transfusion grenade issue) are “working as intended” - while thought-locked, the enemy is now a friend as far as game mechanics are concerned. Why would you want them taken out by Clould Kill before they can do any good for you?

Incidentally, does Restoration work on a thought-locked target?

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You can kill them with your guns, can you do that to your friends as well? No, it’s not working as intended since every other effect or damage is applicablez

Well we all know that there is a deep dark mysterious logic to this game. Take a trip to the Peak - now that’s some crazy design. So I’d say it’s working exactly as intended.

Also , how about Sweet Release? Time to spec SS and TL.