Cloud kill is... OP?!

So after reading the patch notes I’ve just gone into Washburne Refinery at OP8 armed with nothing but a Grog Nozzle and Cloud kill with BAR turned off and I just one shotted a loader, then when one knocked me into FFYL Cloud kill alone actually got me back up.

I’m sat here speechless.


:dukeohnoes: So it’s gone from being the bastard of the second son to being the pride of the family? Great job, GBX! :dukeaffirmative:

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Glad to hear this! Does it still have the potential to hurt yourself? If so, would running into your own cloud now put you into FFYL with the buffed damage? (I know it’s damage on you would at least be mitigated by corrosive sucking against shield & health).

this should have happened a long time ago :triumph:

True, but I thought it lasted longer.

It does. Corrosive is x0.6 vs Flesh for 8 sec, and Incendiary is x1.75 vs Flesh for 5 sec.

So by the time the DoT ends, a Corrosive DoT will do 55% as much damage to you as an Incendiary one with the same base damage.

E.g., 10,000 base DPS DoT:

  • Corrosive: 6,000 * 8 sec = 48,000
  • Incendiary: 17,500 * 5 sec = 87,500

@benwest93 Do you mind testing to see how deadly running into your own cloud kill can be?

I think we’re all having forum issues right now.

That’s good to hear about the DoT being weak on yourself. Looks like there’s still the downside that it will prevent your shield from charging for the next 8 seconds, as well as stripping any boost from The Bee.

I was hoping they would remove the self-damage part, but I think it’s still worth it since it’s so strong on enemies and so weak on yourself.

Cloud Kill, OP?
I do want to test this myself but 10 GBs on the PS4 take a while especially because it wasn’t available until recently :confused:


Cloud Kill works in such a way that it deals multiple instances of corrosive damage, and it inflicts a standar corrosive DoT too, that stays after the cloud goes away. You can see it damaging an enemy after Cloud Kill’s duration is over. This DoT deals very low damage and I think it wasn’t buffed at all.

So they buffed the damage when you stand in the cloud, but not the DoT that lingers afterwards? Sounds good to me. Less potential to slay yourself unless you’re really not paying attention. Even if it triggers at point blank (armored psycho / rabid), you’re usually moving and won’t stay in the cloud more than a single tick.

Holy hell , that’s cool. :smiley:

I’m sold. Can’t wait to try it out when I get home.

Does anybody have an actual list of the changes to Maya specifically yet? I can only find general statements that changes were made.

It would be nice if someone was able to test all the skills before and after patch, specially from the Cataclysm tree, since it’s not clear what was changed neither the numbers.

@Derch is onto it. He already made a pre-patch video of Maya’s elemental skills.

I posted this on the patch notes thread, but I’ll put it here too.

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Better than being useless, right?

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It’s glorious. I spent an hour doing Washburne runs yesterday.
I eventually got myself killed trying to shut down Hype’s minions with CK alone, but I kind of saw that coming. I had to try.

Helios and Ruin both do more work in and of themselves, as well. Helios still annoys me and I generally avoid it, but for my Maya freshplays this opens up the tree nicely.

Zer0’s Unforseen got a buff as well, Joshhixbt showed it taking out at least trash mobs on OP8.
That was with slag and kunai, but still…

Gaige’s boosts seem less satisfying so far, although I only had time for a quick run. The most useful one might be Shock Storm, but there’s plenty to work out still.

And I’m stuck behind a ruddy desk for several more hours (T˷T)

I wouldn’t say CK is OP at all, at least not in OP8. I tested it out in Arid Badlands and, while finally useful, I still needed to use a gun to finish off Loaders. It’s not as though I could just shoot them once and walk away. It’s finally worth speccing a point in there but it’s not the magic bullet it’s being made out to be. Thumbs up to GBX for finally making alternative Cataclysm builds a viable option

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