Cloud save on PC - still not confirmed

I mean seriously. It’s just a few weeks untill the game is released and Epic confirmed cloud save is theoretically possible now, but only two games got this implemented. I need to know is whether BL3 will have cloude save on release or not.

How do you people on PC handle this. Don’t you care? Do you just hope it’ll be there?

I keep my game saves in 3 separate physical places, not including various cloud services.

It’s the only way to be sure.

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Life will be much easier if Epic put some money into the development of cloud saves instead of buying exclusives :smiley: However, I functioned for the best part of two decades without cloud saves and so being without them doesn’t trouble me :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll echo the others, even though I’m not on PC. Having a cloud save backup function built in to your gaming platform of choice is nice, but it’s not a panacea. Even with it, I prefer to maintain my own backups. (Probably a result of having had to deal with computers since the 1980s - no cloud then!)

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You can tell who’s been around a while, right?


mods out here trying to justify NOT HAVING CLOUD SAVES and gendertrap bs
such clownery

No. Mods posting here as people who use computers. Epic will do what Epic will do when they do it. No-one has control over that outside of Epic. We’re simply pointing out that there are alternatives should someone be concerned - a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

I am a grognard myself. Got my first C64 around 1986, worked with an Apple 2e even before. So I am used to making backups. I do them regularly and automatically (NAS, NAS-copies, clones, cloud). Never thought I would have to manually backup game data on a daily basis again, though.

So, if such a simple feature, which has become a staple of gaming for many years, is missing in a triple A title in 2019, it feels like a confession of failure to me.

But as it seems that’s just me. Everybody else in the PC community is fine without cloud save.

Still the main problem for me is not if cloud saving is in the game or not but that we still don’t know if it is in the game or not. A few weeks before release I’d suppose they’d know.

To be clear, this is a platform-specific feature. It’s there on XB1 and PS4; doubtless it will be there in the Steam version when it rolls out. If you’re concerned about this for the EGS release, I suggest checking again closer to launch. Remember, Borderlands is not a server-based game, so cloud back up is always going to rely on platform and/or user.

Yeah, I was just answering the question. That’s what I do about no cloud. You do whatever you like.

EPIC does have cloud saves at least for some newer games, Control has cloud saves so it certainly is a possibility.

But yeah if for some reason it doesn’t have it, a couple of different ways even within windows 10 to get it done. I was actually starting to put something in place this weekend to backup that stuff a couple of times a day when i stumbled a crossed Control having cloud saves. We will know in a couple of days I suppose whether it is there at launch.

Even with cloud save built in to your game client, it never hurts to have your own local backup anyway. It makes restoring should you need to rebuild your computer or migrate to a new hard drive so much easier than queuing a ton of stuff up to download overnight.

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It’s actually Amazon they use, not something on Epic’s side. Same as Gearbox did with Battleborn.

A german gaming magazine has confirmed, that there is a cloud cache for Borderlands 3 on the epic launcher and checking it for myself confirmed this. It is there.

I’d rather have the saves on my harddrive. Makes it easy to create back-ups.

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the case that there were both cloud and local saves with automated file sync (just like Steam, XBox and PS).

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You will have both. It will be saved on your harddrive in any case and you can choose to have it saved in the cloud, additionally.

I generally have saves on multiple drives, storage devices, and actual computers as well. There’s even a network external disk setup to function as a local cloud for my own network.

Its a setting in Epic Games specifically for Control “Enable cloud save” is a toggle. when you click the gear next to the launch option in the library.

The cloud is Amazon, do a search where Epic posted on the Amazon server site.