Cloud Save Suggestion

I am sure I am not one of the few that traded in the Xbox 360 discs for Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel to buy the Xbox One version of the game before we read about how to transfer our saves from one platform to another. Is there another way that I can take my character from my Xbox 360 to my Xbox One without have this disc for my older platform?

If there is not then could Gearbox allow users who can prove they have the previous versions and the new version the ability to have a free digital upload of the game in order to perform our cloud save transfer?

Please provide details on any possibility to help with transferring my Xbox 360 content to my Xbox One without a physical disc on my legacy platform.

Thank you.

As far as I’m aware, you’ll be out of luck unless you can find a work around.

A suggestion: Do you have any friends/relatives/acquaintances who have a 360 copy? You could always just bring your profile and save data on a USB and upload from their console, or even just borrow their disc.

You can red box it for a few bucks or buy it used At GameStop and return in within 7 days to get your money back.

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