Cloud Saves Are A Joke

I play on two different PC’s because I go to my gf’s place over the weekend. After figuring out my character isnt transfered from my pc to hers i started a new game, got further than i had previously on my first character. Then when it was time to come back home, i found out Epic did in fact have a cloud save system, however now that i am home i figured out my characters has been rolled back hours from where i left off and to make it worse the golden chest keys no longer exist on the character…

I only play on one PC haven’t loaded anything differently but launching it from epic games then decided to launch it from Geforce experience for better settings when it asked me to choose a save file either cloud or on the machine i chose cloud because it was the newest and when i logged on again my level 3 Moze and level 24 FL4K were gone and but still says i have 40+ hours played.

I feel ur pain too man

Im trying to unnistall it and reinstall it now

i appear to have also lost MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER after syncing to the cloud save… smfh