Cloud Saves BL3 PC

I installed borderlands 3 on 2 of my computers, I have enable cloud saves checked in the epic games store for both computers, but my save on from my first computer is not on the second one. Do I need to do anything specific to enable cloud saving for borderlands 3 or is it not supported by the Epic games launcher?


I did the same thing I hope I’m able to play on both with the same character cause I bring my gaming laptop to work and I would like to play the same save

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Been looking around, no official message anywhere saying yes or no… or even… we are working on it, Its like if that question was forbidden…as It seems theres no answer from no one

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I had the same issue today. Loaded it up on my work PC. Played a little after work. Logged out and came home a few hours later only to find that I had no game saves. Thought maybe I had forgot to log out at work and that was the issue. So … drove back to work, logged in … there is my game from earlier. Made sure I logged out and turned my PC at work off.

Came home, logged into my home PC … Nope … my character is nowhere to be found. So weird in today’s gaming age that I would have to manually upload and download game save files on the go.

Also had this issue today. Have to wonder if the game supports cloud saves.

Would have thought that it woud have supported this basic function before launch. I was under the impression Epic specifically launched this feature of their client in time for BL3.

They did. If it’s not working, I would suggest contacting Epic support in the first instance.

Had this same issue between my PC and laptop! And I’m leaving for a trip in 2 days! I need to be able to play :’(

Since I see no evidence of cloud saves (yet), it’s probably a good idea to periodically back up your own saves. Heck I did this with the other BL games even with Steam cloud saves… but anyway, they’re located where you might expect them to be if you’ve backed up other local game save files for other games: Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/

Playing on PC and laptop and game was not synced to laptop. Not sure if it saved anything or if I closed the Epic launcher to quickly. But it would really s*ck if this isn’t supported. Then I’m bound to a single PC. If this is the case I would think twice before every buying a game again here…

Can confirm, played till lvl 11 last night and now i’m trying to play at work but my save is not available. I’m actually quite disappointed this is not working because I really wanted to continue where I had left off and not start a new character.

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Guys it might be an epic store update cause I just checked on the settings for borderlands 3 on my main desktop now and there’s a toggle option for “enable cloud save” and “sync data now” I clicked sync data now and I’m gna go and check on my laptop, will update when I get a chance!


Still says “character pending” on the laptop even after manually syncing, quitting out of the game, syncing again and starting again… I hope this gets fixed cause I need my character… on my laptop, it also shows my friends as not having a character or having played, even though we played yesterday :frowning:

Yep I see cloud saves as being available now.

But for some reason it’s still not working… can you see any other player’s characters?
On my laptop it shows my brother as character pending as well even though he and I palpated yesterday…
I even manually synced from the desktop before I tried anything with the laptop :frowning:

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Same here, I see the options in the store but they don’t seem to work. I have Laptop with level 7 character and PC with level 5 character.

I logged into the game on my laptop at work and played my character. Exited the game and choose the “sync data now” option. I logged out of Epic Launcher on my laptop.

I have google remote desktop and accessed my home PC, I opened Epic game launcher and again picked “sync data now” I logged into the game and my level 5 character is the only one available. I do not see the level 7 character.

Is there additional steps that need to be taken? I understand I could manually grab my save and sync it myself but I would rather the client handle that. I suppose I need to reach out to Epic Games instead of here

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I did a quick search online and found a couple articles saying Epic had cloud saves working for only a few games and Borderlands is not listed.

I feel bad for people, but Epic never lied as far as I can tell, they simply said they were close and were trying to get it implemented.

Again, all those people screaming that Epic is better then Steam, how’s that working out for you?

They have to be close, I found 1 article a few weeks ago saying they were, but again I have never seen where they ever stated they would have it available for launch.

Yeah I believe I read this somewhere as well I just assumed (stupid of me likely) that if they had the option listed right under the game it would be functional, but here we are ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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Another thread has someone who said their cloud saves are working as of an hour ago.

Just got it to work, the downside make sure your saves have a different name if you have two. I almost lost a game since I had started in two places. They were both named “1.sav” and it will only allow one like that. Make sure you change one of htem to say “2.sav” before forcing sync or you will lose a save or have to restore and rename.

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Did anyone try dropping the save file into onedrive or google drive and loading it onto the second pc? I haven’t tried between my desktop or laptop but it might be promising