Cloud Saves Still Overwriting Old Games/lost progress/support problems

So, two days ago I lost a month’s worth of progress on BL3. My save game was overwritten by a Cloud Save. I initially contacted support (before realizing what the problem was) when I logged on to discover that I had lost almost all of my progress.

Quick Background : I play BL3 almost exclusively on my laptop, but had cloud saves on because I do occasionally sit down at my desktop. I was working on my desktop, but not playing BL3. When I completed my work, I restarted my desktop to apply windows updates and left. The next time I logged into my laptop (WITHOUT a popup warning), it apparently applied my old cloud save from my desktop to my laptop - erasing almost all of my progress. I pieced this together after contacting support.

My issues are twofold. I realize I will not get that progress back.

  1. the support email contained this line: “We recommend regularly using the cloud save function on your console and save to the Xbox One/PlayStation Plus. That way you can easily recover your character should this type of thing happen again. In addition, please make sure you follow the proper procedure when shutting off the game/console just to be safe.”

I am 100% certain my problem was due to EPIC games and Cloud saves and I received no warning that my progress was going to be overwritten. I feel like you really need to take this advice out until you fix this problem. Cloud saves are still broken (at least the popup warning is).

  1. I will not get my progress back, but I Was hopeful to receive something to make up for my lost time. The email indicated " However, we may be able to offer some Golden Keys! If this interests you, please send us the following:"

I submitted all the requested information - in hopes that I would at least get back some of the golden keys I had redeemed - I lost at least 5. And maybe some Eridium or something…but since supplying that information 48 hours ago — radio silence. No response from support at all.

Please Help!

“month worth of progress”…
So You didn’t hear that people were complaining about that problem?
It really takes like 10 seconds to make a back-up copy of save files…

Sorry, that sux but no one here can help; at least not get back your lost “stuff”.

However, going forward… TURN OFF FECKING CLOUD SAVE.

To play on multiple PC’s simply use OneDrive or Google drive; both are free. Or if you’ve got an irrational fear of both, well use a USB drive.

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This seems odd - even if the Epic launcher had been restarted when you rebooted the desktop, it shouldn’t be trying to auto sync saves to the cloud unless you had actually launched BL3 as well. I guess you’ll need to check your Windows startup options, but to me it still looks like there’s a fundamental flaw in the design of the launcher if it’s overwriting without permission. Have you reported this issue to them at all?

I’m not sure what the back-end process is on this, but these things do sometimes take longer than any of us would like. Support for BL3 is handled by 2K, but the keys would need to be issued by GBX. I’m assuming there’s a process in place for 2K support to file requests (I know they have communication channels with GBX support) but not sure how long that would take. If you haven’t received the keys by tomorrow (they should be in your in-game email under the Social menu) I’d suggest a quick email just asking when you might see them.

Thanks … and to answer.
I knew there had been a problem that was supposedly fixed via hotfix.
I have absolutely turned off cloud saves.

I posted here to mostly make people aware that the problem still exists and hopefully alert Gearbox. People are still at risk of losing games due to cloud saves. Hopefully someone else will read this and not have the same experience that I had.

(and yes, I will be backing up my saves - but frankly I shouldn’t have to do that).

(and yes, I will be backing up my saves - but frankly I shouldn’t have to do that).

Why would we need to do that with cloud saves? This is the only game that I have purchased in the last 10 years that has demolished all of my game play. In fact I don’t recall losing a save file or progress until this fiasco. Its too bad as this game is fun but what fun is collecting loot when you can loose it all.