Cloud saves vs Local saves

I think I have made a mistake. I had crashed twice today and there was a syncing error with my files. It gave me the option If I wanted to restore to my current progression in the game (which was the cloud save) or start at my local save. I wasn’t sure at the time the difference between the two. I choose local and now im back to level 18 on my siren :frowning: I was at level 25 :,( any ideas on how to fix or to find my file with my cloud save would be awesome!


got the same issue any guidance appreciated

I still am not able to even save. Maybe im just dumb but ive tried everything! :frowning:

I just had the same exact thing happen. Went from cloud at lev 19 on my Moza to 14 and lost about 5 epic items and about 4 hours of questing. Following for a fix!

Also Ive noticed that my Char says 5h 58min played now but on the launcher it shows 12hrs of play time, so somewhere 6 hours is missing between the saves…

same prob here moze level 26 at first now back to 21

Same problemo here

Just happened to me. Started a Moze and played a bit. Can’t remember what level I was( Pretty low so im not 2 upset). Quit and Started a Siren with a friend, got to Sanctuary at level 9. Quit and came back to play my Moze and I get the option between cloud and local. Cloud save’s time was at 10:05pm and local’s was at 10:06pm so i choose local. When loaded up the siren is still there and my other characters i made except Moze? but the Moze is compelety gone. idk what happened or how to fix.

I went from lvl 31 to 16 any help appreciated!

Honestly after searching for about 4 hours on forums and troubleshooting articles I have not seen anything about a fix for this. I moved on from where I was and just made sure that if it happened again I always choose Cloud from now on.
Sounds like you lost a lot more than I did, good luck.

your safer turning cloud saving off on epic for me it fails all most every time it trys to sync the save

Documents\my games\Borderlands 3 manual backups cant fail