Cloud Saving and Downloading Toons

I just bought a Xbox One and The Handsome Collection. I’ve been playing BL -1, 2, and TPS on my 360S. I started the Transfer from 360 to One. I transfered a new Toon(BL-2 Zer0). Only Lvl-12 , not much lost Weapon/Mod wise if it Glitches. The transfer went well. My Weaons, Skins, Cash, Tokens, etc. so I tried to transfer another one. When I tried, a Pop Up appeared and said…That I already have a Character uploaded. And that if I upload another, my character already in The Cloud will be Deleted. Is that right? I thought that I could upload multiple Toons. Just only one at a time.

If I Cloud Save another toon. Will the one already on my One be deleted?

How can I get my other Toons transfered to my new One?


Only one character can be copied at a time, but once you’ve downloaded the character on the Xbox One, it’s there for good. All you’d be overwriting if you upload another from the Xbox 360 is the copy of the character you’re transferring. Nothing is lost if you transfer all of your characters; the originals will not be removed from the 360 and nothing will be removed from your Xbox One if you upload a new character. The only drawback to the whole process is each character must be done one at a time. The whole process has to be repeated for each character (upload from 360, download onto Xbox One, repeat)

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Just what I needed to know!

PS: Do Achievments Transfer too?

Sadly, no. On the bright side however, that’s a fairly easy extra 2000+ gamerscore!

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So I’ve been playing BL THC on the Xbox One for a couple of days. I wanted to start from scratch, but now I’m missing some of my old characters. If I transfer characters from the 360 (one at a time), there is NO CHANCE that they will destroy my current progress with new characters on the XONE–right? Just wanted to make sure, because on the old systems, saves were assigned to slots internally, and there could be some overwriting of saves as a result. (E.g., “save001” was “save001” whether it contained an old Athena or a new Wilhelm.)

@Cobra951, No worries. Transferring characters from 360 to One will not affect the characters you already have started or are playing on your One. They will just show up in your list of playable characters. All weapons in your backpack will transfer. So will the level of your character. Sadly, Bad Ass Rank and Achievements didn’t transfer. I did get 250? Bad Ass Points to distribute to my Toons. I had transferred Toons from BL-2 and TPS to BL-THC with no problems. Only thing is, it’s one at a time. On one console you upload to cloud. Save and Exit, turn off console, turn on other console, the download from cloud. Easy Peasy, just takes a minute or two or three…

As an addendum, you can actually make the process a tad faster by just leaving both consoles on. There’s no penalty to being signed into a 360 and a One simultaneously; it’s how I did my save transfers.

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Thanks, guys! I figured it would be safe, but I wanted to be sure. I’ve now transferred my Wilhelm and Athena over in TPS, and I got over 200 BAR points to distribute. Easy. The BAR boost happened only on the first transfer, though.

Yeah, we can log in to XBL on both of these systems at once. A caveat, when playing Borderlands 1 or other back-compat 360 games on the XONE, is that we CANNOT be logged into live on the real 360 at the same time. Under emulation, the One becomes a virtual 360, and that includes the login within the BC game.

Mmmmmm…nah, you’re fine.

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Heh . . . thanks! :slight_smile: