Cloud sync won't update

I have two pc’s that play this game. I have been trying to get the saves from my laptop synced to my desktop since I play the laptop more often. I know shocker. I want to play this on my new pc and it will not sync the newest saves.

Is there any help for me on the Epic game launcher? I built this pc and would like to use the new power behind it. Any help would be appreciated.

Any input? I am still not having any luck getting my pc to download the save from my laptop. I am sitting here not able to play $100 worth of content on my good pc. I got it on my laptop first since I was building this pc. now I am done and can’t play it. Great work Epic games store.

Have you tried manually copying the save files via USB? (If you do this, make sure you also grab the profile.sav file as it contains all your bank and cosmetic items). Added benefit is having a physical backup separate from anything else.

In theory, the Epic cloud sync should let you do want you want - you should be able to push and pull saves to each computer in turn. I don’t use Epic at all, though, so I can’t help resolve your issue with it. You could try either 2K or Epic support (link for 2K is in the pinned thread at the top of this section).

Thanks I have done the physical pull from the other pc. I also have a ticket into Epic to see what they can help me with. I appreciate the help. I may have missed the Profile.sav so I will make sure to check that one. Just kind of baffled with their update to fix this issue back near release and I am still having the issue. I will wait and see what Epic says and hopefully they can get it sorted.

Still having problems with my setup. I have been in contact with Epic this whole time trying every thing we can think of. still can’t get it to work. I play on my laptop and save, then go to my PC a day or so later to keep playing and it just sits there at cloud syncing and won’t progress. I am at my wits end with Epic and want to play but I may just have to say screw it and when a sale comes up on Steam just go from there.

Why not bypass Epic’s cloud sync completely and just use a USB to transfer the files? A bit more work for you, but then you always have a backup of everything. Or you could roll your own cloud backup using Google Drive or OneDrive.

Please do future self a huge favor and TURN OFF CLOUD SYNC (even on Steam once you get it). Search the forums for:
lost character
deleted character
lost progress
lost bank & guardian rank
lost all progress
character reset to level 42
lost entire save file

the list literally goes on and on.

It is super easy & free to share game files with an unlimited number of PC’s.
Option 1: Use MS OneDrive (free) and set your Documents folder to online (& always available)
Option 2: Use Google Backup and Sync to sync your Documents folder, also free

I’ve been using option 1 for a few years now without any issues with my desktop and laptop. The only snafu game is NMS (they use your roaming profile, like wtf?)