Clue about the jennerit dlc character?

As stated above, I think I may have a clue to what the jennerit dlc character will look like. I saw a statue of a robot looking thing with 2 shields in the heliophage earlier. I don’t have a pic but u could probably look it up. Or run thru the mission

It’s Lenore, the Jennerit queen… she is standing right behind Pendles… The Robot silhouette that you see on other side is 99% Nova in a robot suit… if you look closely you can see that it resembles the Bulwark type minion that you face in story missions which is manufactured by LLC and hence the affiliation…


I also agree that it may be Empress Lenore. She is is simply mentioned in too many characters lore to not be featured at all. The silhouette appears to have a similar armor design to Rendain which would make sense regarding each of their status in Jennerit society.

Finally, Deandes lore (the seeds of secret order) suggests that Lenore would have motivation to join the Battleborn with all her conspiring against someone in particular. Trying not to spoil anything here haha

The Jennerit character is definitely the one I’m most excited about haha


I was saying as NOT one of those 5. I was saying in dlcs or updates beyond that.

These were chosen before release. They didn’t know Nova would be so popular. They were surprised. They said they might include her due to how popular she is but not in these 5.


[quote=“epicender584, post:5, topic:1541869, full:true”]They said they might include her due to how popular she is but not in these 5.

The more I think about it, the more I think that they might be lying to us so that they can spring a playable Nova on us as the 4th/5th DLC character. Given how many absolutely amazing lines they gave Nova and how much she interacts with the player, I find it hard to believe that they underestimated how popular she would be amongst the player base; it’s like saying that they didn’t expect Handsome Jack to be so reviled or Tiny Tina to be so adored. The “robot suit” line in Saboteur is even more suspicious. Also, the initial commentary on “Nova as a playable character” was “no comment”, which is a strange thing for a developer to say if they never expected and had no plan at that time to bring the character in as a playable character.

Right now, I’m kind of 50/50 on whether the LLC character is going to be Nova. Either way, I’m not going to be surprised with the outcome.


Honestly, I don’t think Lenore will be a DLC character. It would ruin a lot of dialogue and lore for the game if a character that is constantly stated as MIA suddenly appears and is playable. I also don’t think the “mecha” character is that shield character from the statues. They don’t have a similar model if you look closely. One has a hood and a smooth sloped back while the other has two giant fins and what appears to be a domed head similar to the Big Daddys from Bioshock (kinda). The “mecha” also has a different leg shape than the shield statue.

I would personally love a dual shields character (even made a character concept for it a while back), but these two characters look pretty different so I doubt it.

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That’s a good point, their strong suit is their characters, so they shouldn’t have been surprised. Who knows yet? I’m pretty sure Jennerit is the last character that is going to be released though. No reasoning, just a feeling. I’m hoping for a needle skill with massive lifesteal.

[quote=“epicender584, post:8, topic:1541869, full:true”] I’m pretty sure Jennerit is the last character that is going to be released though. No reasoning, just a feeling. I’m hoping for a needle skill with massive lifesteal.

I’m not sure whether the LLC or Jennerit character is gonna get released last. It’s kind of irrelevant though, as I see it, since we’re gonna see them both eventually anyways.

As to the mechanics for the, presumed, Empress Lenore, I’ve got no clue whatsoever. The Jennerit “shtick” is lifesteal so presumably it’ll have that, but there’s not much more, especially since it’s not as if there’s really any specific area that they’re lacking in: Attikus is tank/beatstick, Rath is melee/assassin, Deande and Caldarius are both mobile harasser/assassin/skirmisher types, and Ambra is support/healer. Of course, Alani, Pendles, and Ernest don’t seem to be built to cover specific role deficiencies (Alani is healer/controller with Kelvin as excellent controller and Miko as excellent healer; Pendles is stealth while S&A is stealth; Ernest is presumably AoE, ground effects, and/or traps which are covered by Benedict, OM, and Ghalt, respectively) so the only real educated guesses we could make would be guesses of exclusion (e.g. she may use similar mechanics/roles as someone else but she isn’t going to play like them).

She’s got that truly massive arm, which suggests some melee capability but the Jennerit already have a lot of melee with very little mid-to-long (though that could very well be part of their “shtick”); it could very easily be a whip or cannon (perhaps firing something like Rendain’s weird spiky missiles). She’s got the wing, which, to me, suggests mobility, either charging or vertical.

My guess-iest guesses would then be that she’s either a charge based melee (like an attacker version of Boldur) or a kind of Jennerit version of Benedict or Marquis. Though I fully expect to be entirely wrong.

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Yeah, the Jennerit have no ranged, and that includes the hybrid Galilea. It’s probably not honorable and all.

Ambra can actually be built as a very ranged centric character, if you use sunspots offensively (drop them in the middle of a group of enemies) and the level 7 fireball stick helix (which is how I do it). Caldarius and Deande (while definitely hybrid skirmishers) are also reasonably decent at ranged combat. The Jennerit do tend to be closer up than the other factions though (not that the other factions really have specific ranges they focus on: every other faction has at least 1 sniper type, if you count Benedict, at least 1 melee, and at least 1 mid-range) which, once again, may or may not be part of their general “shtick”.

As to Galilea, I find it highly amusing that she’s a mixed Eldrid (Arbiters of Being were Eldrid and she took orders from the Eldrid Vigilant Order; her gear was originally of Eldrid make) and Jennerit (she was pseudo-Sustained and infiltrated the Silent Sisters; also, her gear was tweaked by the Jennerit while she worked with them) but has ended up as a UPR character (probably because she’s too ashamed to join with the Eldrid or Jennerit and was basically smashing stuff on the UPR “homeworld” when recruited).

Even if you include Nova (who could be either UPR, since she’s the AI for one of their ships, or LLC, since she’s an AI and works with Kleese), Galilea is probably the most faction confused (and emotionally conflicted) character in the game (which just makes me all the more amused that she’s good friends with Alani, who is one of the most emotionally self-aware and calm characters in the game).


That’s true but they definitely don’t have a sniper. And Galilea is an awesome and weird character, it’s no wonder her kit is just as all-encompassing. It’s sad that everybody used her just because she was strong. And IMO, the new writer must have done something odd, because Alani’s lines barely reflect her character. “F your sandcastle!” is a line that contradicts her entirely.

[quote=“epicender584, post:12, topic:1541869, full:true”]And IMO, the new writer must have done something odd, because Alani’s lines barely reflect her character. “F your sandcastle!” is a line that contradicts her entirely.

I actually like the little bit of a disconnect between Alani’s dialogue and lore. Alani’s dialogue is the face she elects to show the world, which is a little bit immature, a little awkward, and a little pissed off (she’s got a reason to be angry). She doesn’t want to show her inner turmoil and sadness, so it kind of turns into anger and overcompensating goofiness.

I really like Alani. Pretty much the only thing I don’t like/get about her is why she’s besties (or wants to be besties) with Galilea. Gal doesn’t really make sense, to me.


She probably just recognizes that she’s able to turn confusion and turmoil into righteous anger and a warrior spirit, and admires and can relate to that.

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Realy like all the statue looks we can see in Jennerit maps. Wonder if they were old character idea that didn’t came to the full game but would like to see more of them. Strangely they all have 5 fingers, when jennerits (and thrall) only have 4.

On Outskirts there are some stained glass where we can see a jennerit women, don’t know if it’s an “angel/divinity”, a silent sister or Lenore herself… but it could be investigated

To me, it looks like she’s holding something, like perhaps a quiver. But, it’s a huge quiver… Maybe, a golf bag? Lol. Or maybe she just fires really big arrows that digistruct inside that really big quiver. I dunno, that’s just what it looks like to me.
It does appear to have a strap of sorts, noticeable at hip-height on her silhouette, and we already have seen two Jennerit with mechanically enhanced, or replaced, arms, so I can’t see there being a third like that. So, if it’s something that she carries rather than an attachment, what the crap is that thing!?

They are the same species.

You sure about this? For one thing, Alani is amphibious and Galilea is not (the blue/purple separation could be explained as separate races/subspecies, so that’s kind of irrelevant); once you get gross biological differences like that involved, you tend to be getting into “separate species” territory. Also, Akopos was a basically unknown planet (the Jennerit only knew it as a letter and a number, iirc, before Alani’s people made them aware of their presence) rather than a colony world of the Helicians/Eldrid.

I know that one of Alani’s lore challenges is Helician Hellraisers, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything in game that actually indicates that they’re the same species. If anything, the lore indicates that Alani is the last of her species.

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Thrall only have 3 o3o

In Ambra’s lore rant about Galilea, she refers to her as Helician. And I know Alani is also classified as Helician.

Galilea has glossy, always-wet skin, like Alani. No one else in the game has that skin texture but those two. Galilea is also always sealed up in a suit, possibly because she needs to be, because she’s not some kind of watermancing nanotech shaman like Alani.

I’m not an expert, but by all of these observations, I’m confident they’re the same species.