Clue about the jennerit dlc character?

Yes my bad, i was thinking about Attikus who have 4 fingers on his guauntlet and 3 on the other hand.

But the question is : How many toes ?

@Moonbat Don’t see much of her skin but maybe that her wet skin just comes from her corruption or sweat as she is always fighting against this corruption.
We don’t really know exactly what is an Helician if i’m right… are we sure it’s actually a specie ? (i don’t have yet all alani lore)


[quote=“Moonbat, post:20, topic:1541869, full:true”]And I know Alani is also classified as Helician.

Where is this because I haven’t been able to see anything to support it (which is my primary concern; I’ve got no problem being wrong; I just want evidence of some kind)?

Why would her lore challenge be ‘Helician Hellraisers’ with Galilea if they weren’t both Helician? It’s in the language itself.

Eh, that’s a bit weak for confirmation, at least in my opinion (I brought it up earlier, in fact). If there were some strong species driven connection between Alani and Galilea I would have liked to see it brought up somewhere other than the name of a lore challenge that consists of Alani’s drafts folder filled to the brim with plaintive messages to Galilea (without expressing the reason for said plaintiveness at all).

I was hoping for something that outright states “Galilea and Alani are both Helicians” as opposed to an implied species connection between the two (such as through the lore challenge name), much like Mellka is explicitly stated to be half-Aelfrin and half-human, rather than just going off of her CR2 title (Half and Half; could be a reference to her heterochromia as opposed to her being a mix) and a few other implied elements.

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It’s probably Lenore, she probably has raven elements to her with various other Edgar Alan Poe references, and her MIA status will be explained through story DLC.

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The language itself, plural, states they are both Helician.

So what your saying is that the little guy with the beak is peacekeeper… yeah I can’t agree with that his armour and weapon seem to… scrappy it wouldn’t make sense for them to give their top of the line troops low class gear

It’s implied but not supported anywhere else, which is my problem with it. If there were actually confirmation anywhere else, I would gladly concede, but a single instance of vague implication without any kind of support just isn’t enough for me, given all of the differences between the two characters that suggest that they’re not the same species.

Since Pendles is from Akopos too, maybe his lore is going to shed some light on the whether Alani is a Helician or not, but, at this moment, with everything that I know, it’s a really weak piece of evidence.

Uhh… I’m pretty sure the devs have actually stated that Ernest is a Peacekeeper. Even if they haven’t stated it, they have said that each DLC character is from one of the 5 different factions; since we know Pendles is a Rogue and Alani is an Eldrid, do you seriously think that the Bom-bird-ier is more likely to be a Jennerit or LLC member rather than a Peacekeeper? Besides, look at Ghalt and Montana: it’s not as they’re packing top of the line gear.

This isn’t a formal debate, so no conceding is required. I’m comfortable reading between the lines.

Screw Jennerit lady, I want my goddamn grenade-chicken!

She’s from the water world akopos Galilea is from helicia

Which is what I believe. However, this doesn’t mean that Akopos couldn’t have been a colony world for the Helicians, which would mean that Alani would be a Helician from Akopos (just like humans would still be humans, even if they’re born on an interplanetary colony).

Possibly a different variant of the species? Like a Halician that learned to control the water.

Well, part of Alani’s lore tells you that there was a nanotech outbreak of some kind on Akopos that the “natives” coopted and used to control the water. The question here is whether “natives” refers just to “individuals born there” or “native species”; if it’s “individuals born there” it could just mean that the Helician colony that was theoretically there just adapted to it while still remaining Helicians. As you can probably tell, I adhere to the idea that Alani’s species was actually a native species of Akopos.

Something interesting to consider is how/whether two sentient species actually evolved on a single water world: Pendles is a Roa, also from Akopos. I’m really curious how his lore is going to interact with Alani’s (it might actually confirm her being Helician, which would be nice).

Meh, I don’t really care as long as none of them were as op as alani was

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He is officially confirmed today as a Peacekeeper

I know, seen the character art… Why do all the birds in this game make things blow up…?

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They are hinting that Alanis planet was burnt down or something by some fire jennerit so it could be fire based the dlc battleborn.

PS sorry for my english

It’s not hinted at. It’s expressly stated in Alani’s lore.

Akopos, the planet both Pendles and Alani are from, was boiled, not burnt down, seeing as it was a water world, by Ambra. Hence Alani wanting to kill Ambra.