CMD0-TP Head where do I get it from?

As it says in the description how do you get it no one I have talked to seems to know other than cheating how to get it. Also this is the correct place to start this right? I am new to the forms so sorry if it’s not.

Try either Red Belly or Bosun. Apparently they drop most of Clappy’s head outside of quests.

Thank you for the straight answer i’ve been farming bossun for a few days so ill try red belly then

Let me know if either of them drops it because I don’t have that head either.

I just for the TRSH-TP head from Redbelly.

same my inventory is full of TRSH-TP and WR4P-TP heads from farming the bossun and redbelly this is so frustrating does any one have any other ideas I have killed Bossun and Redbelly on ultimate vault hunter mode with a co-op player active (another Fragtrap) so I can get better loot I have done the voyage of captain chef on all vault hunter modes done death from above and so far nothing if anyone has a better idea let me know I am currently farming vending machines and meg from the kill meg mission also corporal bob when I come across him

I’m 99% sure this head doesn’t drop at all.

This. Quite a few heads don’t see to drop i wonder if its just the drops being messed up

Emailed gearbox again this time i listed all the bosses I farmed this time I got information on the head is currently unavailable sorry for the inconvenience

you mean UN available?

Yea I’m typing on a phone dam autocorrect

So maybe it’ll come with the dlc claptastic voyage

Most likely. Guessing handsome and the other unknown heads will be in as well

The fact that its been available since day 1 and no one but modders can get ahold of it is kind of saddening

Yup its a cool looking head too

It’s bugged like Handsome, and some other heads i can’t think of off the top of my head, and it currently unobtainable legitimately.
Hope to see it in Claptrastic Voyage.

I just got one from the Sentinel raid boss so i think it was from Zarpedons loot pool, now that Sentinel has Zarpedons items.

I though Zarp dropped EMPR-TP.

Either way, if CMDO-TP is in the Sentinels loot pool, that means it’s got Handsome, which means the NVHM Sentinel has a date with level 70 Nisha.

Yes, I got EMPR-TP from Zarp.

-Empyrean Sentinel
-Shock Drop Slaughter Pit DLC
-Holodome DLC

I get that head so much it annoys me, I love the head though.