Cmon gbx , keep ur promise

wheres guardian rank disable button ? fulfil ur promise plsssssss

The guardian rank disable button is a great idea, the only thing that the guardian rank does is makes the game easier the more you play it, and that’s not how some of us players like to play the game. The more we play the game, the more of a challenge that we want the game to give us.



I think they have one but it turns bullets into confetti and that trigger a bleeding status effect and a month later they would say"it has come to our attention this is not working as intended occasionally".

The last Roadmap said they are working on turning off Guarding Rank. They’ll get to it sooner or later.

taking forever for a single easy option that had been done previously lol

Given that Guardian Ranks haven’t existed before, maybe don’t make assumptions?

Yea, there is a whole new layer with the Guardian Rank Perks that hasn’t been done before. It appears that one of the last patches moved part of the guardian rank save data from the main game save to the player save file … November patch maybe? There was a rash of issues right after that patch where downloading a save file would jack up your guardian ranks. It was the same patch that broke the guardian perks.

So, they are working on it.

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Badass Ranks are similar without the perks and can be disabled. It was a feature we “assumed” would carry over from BL2.

“without the perks” is a big caveat. It’s a whole new feature with them (and the cosmetics, which are functionally a different kind of perk). It isn’t the same thing, like the other poster was saying.

It is ‘different’, but a lot assumed we could disable like previous since release. Even more so when they were ‘broken’. They did say it will come, with no timeline.

GBX stays silent on a lot of issues.
Ok, almost all issues.
OK, all issues.

its the same thing but with different skill , so it shouldnt be difficult to make a on off button

This right here. Probably my biggest gripe with GBX.

I’m hoping that they are working on a way for us to selectively disable/enable individual perks per character. Would make sense why the data was moved to the character save files.

That can’t be easy to implement with all the various interactions that go with them.

I have nothing against wanting more communication. Not something I even want to argue, haha :slight_smile: I’m just a software dev (not a games dev) and I like to challenge folks’ assumptions about how easy software actually is.

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We need the ability to toggle the Perks.

The Guardian Ranks themselves are ok. But the perks should be toggle-able (is that a real word!?)

If you want to make the game more difficult, inatead of waiting for the guardian ranks to be disabled, why not use Woodblocker all the way in Mayhem 4? That would give you a challenge. Remove your shield, relic, and class mod as well.

Am I misaing something?

I understand too. I was a DM for an online MMO, a small one at that. Got to communicate between devs and community. Devs did a great job pushing news updates and what can and can not be fixed. Every company is different. Even devs would log into game and chit chat with their ‘godlike’ avatars in the towns. Was neat.

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