Co-op buddies; tired of randoms

Hello, I am new here and am tired of random matches,anyone want to add me on PSN? on the presequel I have a level 56 wilhelm, a level 56 athena,a level 26 claptrap, and a level 70 Nisha. on BL2 I have a level 72 maya with a ton of level 50-60 weapons I no longer need and a level 9 Krieg. Add me on PSN @ mellowyellow4565. I am on vacation and should return around the 30th or 31st if I havent answered your request at the time. Have fun everyone!

teacup775 i am in pacific standard time but play early (6-7am) and 6pm most days.

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@Chitsa I’m central standard, so shouldnt be a problem, thanks; can’t wait to add you