Co-op buddy? - my guns feel weak

Hi guys,

I’m looking for someone to help me understand why my guns and gear feel weak, I am currently rocking Zane as highest level around 16, is it likely cos I am playing solo? I did start with a friend but he lost ps plus and hasn’t managed to get it back on yet.

I feel this may end up being another series i can’t fully enjoy because they force difficulty hikes to keep people playing, whereas it has the opposite effect on me :frowning:

djpixc - ps4 - let me know you’re from the forum


You can share your ps plus with him and allow him to play as well. Just set his playstation as your primary console and you can both play with one membership, pretty simple to do, my cousin and I do that currently. You can also share games with each other that way, we only need to buy one copy of Borderlands 3 for example, to be able to play on both our consoles.

Another option is you just need to buy weapons that are your level. Go to the vending machine and get a item that does better for your level. Solo is the easiest. If you are struggling in solo, your going to slow down even more with co-op. Because in co-op mode everything gets more health, more damage, and more enemies spawn the more people you add to a game.

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At early game, and level 16 is certainly that, your character will feel weak, no doubt about it. Just keep levelling up his gear as you go along and he will get stronger and stronger. At level 50, with a bit of luck, a grind and/or a few good people sharing gear with you, you will be able to smash just about any part of the game very, very much easier than when you were just starting out.

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