CO-OP Difficulties

During CO-OP control match, Orendi did not make any sound at all. This included: her steps, jumps, attacks, and taunts (i.e. everything but ping?). The CO-OP person could hear her character (Marquis).

Font: it seems way too small. I can’t even read it and I’m three feet away.

Splitscreen setting cannot be found. Please assist where this is? If not there, how come? A poll would surely show that a significant number of people would appreciate it, and the option to adjust it would not harm anyone. I just think it would really help.

Thank you for your time, and any assistance provided.


omg I thought I was the only one about the small font. I have a 42 inch which isn’t the biggest tv but it’s still super small

Yeah, font needs to be bigger on splitscreen… Bit for the map on the left hand side of the screen has a lot of empty space that would be better served in my POV too…

The font is really smal, but the dear Jythri stated in another topic that GBX had no choice in that regards. Reason: german. Appearently my dear language has to long words, and so they had to implement a small font to make a german release possible.

And for what: That our german version has the most stupid translation that kills almost all fun & references :angry: Feel like Southpark is right… we´re no funny people…

Alright, that’s fair for german (or like languages). However, make a setting to increase font size for non-german languages. One language doesn’t seem to me like a valid reason to hurt the experience of all others.

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Yeah give us the option is all I’m asking

I’m sorry to hear this is the case. I think humor is everywhere (though I assume this because people are). If some people cannot translate properly, or did not know the translations were off, then I hope someone will correct this.

This!!! I have a 50 inch tv and when my wife and I play we cannot read the font. Please give us an option to increase the size or maybe even a way to play vertical split screen like borderlands. Even with the aspect ratio off vertical split screen for 2 player couch co op is amazing!! Please please please somehow help all of your split screen community enjoy the game as intended!! We love you guys! Thank you so much !

As a part of the Deaf and Hard of hearing community, I was happy to see that subtitles were a thing. Until I actually saw them. Once I moved closer to the screen. I understand not being able to adjust the font size in the UI. However, I see no reason why you can’t enlarge the size of the subtitles/captions. I beg of you, please make the font bigger!

Another problem in CO-OP, after we complete any story mode match, player one receives more pieces of loot and I receive one. I payed attention as well, we divided loot boxes, and I earned an extra one.

Please fix broken loot distribution here? Also, is there any indication these are considered? I noticed people mentioned in the Beta CO-OP issues (i.e. Splitscreen and font), but no one issued a compromise.

Launch Trailer pictures of Splitscreen:

Mind you the launch trailer said “Sizes May Vary,” but directly after gathering friends. Hopefully this means it will be fixed?

Link to Launch Trailer:

A link to the Creative Director addressing the issue:

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