Co-OP event (3/27-4/2) Easy Legendary farm

With the new co-op event True Takedown scaling counts as multiplayer so we have a quick legendary farm here.

I’m in… I can take that first wave of Ratch at MV4, I think.

Can we go back later in non-true mode and clean up the mission?

Either if you go to Sanctuary or die to respawn it’s going to reset everything so you can always go on normal/true. I don’t think it matters if it’s Mayhem 4 though as long as true scaling is one the Badasses are going to drop lots.

Can you explain in text? I have no idea what your’e talking about. What event? What is the quick legendary farm?

There is an event going on where when you play in multiplayer co-op that all badasses drop a lot of legendary items. Well if you go into Takedown and put it on True Takedown mode it activates this event even if you are in there solo. In the beginning of the Takedown there are a bunch of ratch, and you can get varying amount of badass ones. Runs average anywhere from 10-20+ legendaries and take about a minute depending how fast you can kill. Then you can either just fast travel to Sanctuary and back, or kill yourself to start it over.

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Awesome, thanks!

edit - oh my… that is a lot of orange. I put it on MM4 and those Ratch were a heck of a fight for me… I think it took 20 minutes to clear them out (and I’m not venturing past the first encounter - plenty of loot there).

Thank you! excellent to know!