Co-op Finder Thread

I thought with online returning to PS3 there would have been a bit more activity in here!

Anyway, while I made this topic originally to look for folks to play with, real life’s gotten in the way too much these days, so while I likely won’t even be able to get online to see friend requests let alone accept them, I don’t see why this topic can’t be used for everyone else to find games, right?

Ok I’ll send you a message soon(ish)

Anyone wants to add me my Psn is superborris.

Hello, i am from the Netherlands, 31 years old and about to reach level 50, Just started 2 months ago, but now Multiplayer is back, i would love to make more Borderlands 1 hours. So feel free to add me Gamertag ps3 is NTGELEUVE

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I’m down to do co op my psn is ZENETHFORCE

Same here. PSN Watters_Boi1991

I’m down. I’ll try to add you when I can.

yes the O is a zero… shut up I like futurama!


Tag CleanerBoy im usually up all day n night add me :slight_smile:

Up for bl1 and 2 coop psn:tiger5295

Yo add me karasikatriz on ps3 psn.I’m down to play.

I’m coming back to BL1 as well now.

PSN: rapiemur

I have a level 69 Roland, Lilith, and Mordecai. I also have one hit guns, but if you don’t want me using those I have other guns I can use as well that don’t instantly kill things, same goes for shields.

Will be willing to give out some weapons also as I think I still have a bunch of duplicates yet.