Co op fresh play

Message me at PSN brucekitts if you are looking for someone to play with… Looking to do a fresh run… Haven’t played in a while but with online coming back figured I would jump back in…

When u message me title the message borderlands 1 co op


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Think I might do the same.

Cool… Send me a friend request on PSN at brucekitts

Looking to play whenever we get a full group together

PSN: Fly_Fishn

I played the heck out of BL2 for a couple of years. Never really got around to playing the orig. much. I own the GOTY version though and played a bit when the servers were down but never got far.

Anyway, if you’ll have me I’m down to run through it with you guys.

I’m in the EST timezone and I can’t really play very late on the weekdays. Kids/work and all but I’m interested in getting down.

Let me know.