Co-op G-Rank, and Fast travel Glitch (unable to progress main mission)

Hi there everyone,

My Girlfriend and I did a co-op play-through of the entire game. We’re both lvl 50, but only I managed to unlock Guardian rank. She’s super frustrated with it to the point of no longer wanting to play until we can find a fix…

We have looked online for a possible fix, and there has been a few people asking about the same problem regarding the G-rank. The fix recommended was the co-op player starting up there own game and playing through some missions.

I’ve tried that using her character, though after getting the prompt to skip an early main-mission ( the one where you go to the sanctuary ship on Pandora ), I’ve found myself stranded on Pandora with no possible way to get to the objective point.

The Objective is on Sanctuary, but I’m unable to use the fast travel to get there. and the Ship is no longer on Pandora, so getting there on foot seems impossible…

I’ve tried running around hoping to find a way to get through. But it seems we’re snookered in that regard… Please, if there’s anyone that can help, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve been hoping there’d be a patch to fix this, but it’s been close to a month we’ve had the issue, so I’m lost as to what to do :’(

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