Co-op mechanics

Apologies if these questions have been asked and answered elsewhere! I’ve always been a bit confused by the actual alterations to gameplay co-op triggers.

If I’m popular and more people join my game
– Do more enemies appear?
– Do enemies drop rarer (or more) loot?
– Are these enemies harder to kill, and if so, is it because they have more HP, or take less damage?
– Do enemies do more damage to players?

Any insights gratefully received.

Generally yes.

  1. More and more difficult variations of enemy spawn.
  2. They are certainly meant to.
  3. More HP and probably less damage due to being harder variations, IE scavangers instead of just outlaws etc.
  4. Pretty sure they do, kind of hand in hand with point 1 and 3, higher HP and more badass enemies.

Each enemy will drop from the loot pool it would have in solo, but because there are more of them, and there are more badass enemies, the odds of rarer loot dropping increase (basically, you effectively get to roll the dice more often.) There’s other things that scale with the number of players as well, including raid bosses (Terramorphous, for example, has a bigger loot pool with more players.)

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Thanks for the info! But I thought raid bosses automatically scaled the difficulty to four players anyway?

I may have worded that badly. Most of the raid bosses were added subsequently through the DLCs. Terramorphous is in base game. You can read about his loot pool in the second “Inside the Box” article on loot. I imagine that the four-player scaling etc. carried over from that. Within Terry’s loot pool, however, there are drops that specifically scale with the number of players.

Thanks - a useful article! So to make sure I’ve got my head round that, doing a raid boss (Terramorphus, and DLC) will scale the difficulty as if 4 players were there, but will give more loot / a better chance of good loot if I actually do have 4 buddies?

Terra and Pete don’t set your game to 4-player automatically they actually do scale with the amount of players. The dragons might fall into that category to not sure tho and maybe Dexi. The rest of them do afaik

They removed the 4 player raid boss thing with the last patch

They still scale to 4-player but only while your in the arena