Co-op missions: Will they share?

The reason I ask is, this is the exact thing that kept me OFF co-op in all previous games.

Say I play solo, and I pick up a mission that has multiple objectives. Say I have finished 2 of the 5. I then join a Co-op game where someone has finished 3 of the 5, and our game happens to take us to an area where the 4th objective is, and he/she decided what the hell, I’ll grab that while we’re here. In previous games that ALSO ticked off objective 4 on MY quest, in some cases making objective 3 impossible to do, esentially screwing up my save.

There is an easy fix though (I say easy because I have no knowledge of programming :stuck_out_tongue:)

1: Allow us to SWITCH OFF questsharing, so other’s objectives during co-op don’t tick off on mine, or
2: Only questshare the quest I HAVE ACTIVE during co-op. That means we can do a quest together and progress together while their side-ventures will not hinder me.

Is there anyone that has more info on this subject? I kind of feel I missed out doing everything solo but I’m not going to have my own game screwed up, I want to do my own quests in my own time.

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Not something I’ve seen discussed, but then a lot of the internal mechanics of the game aren’t openly discussed anyway.

The only problem I see with being able to turn off quest-sharing (which is not insurmountable by any means) is that you would also need to disable quest rewards for those opting out of the progression.

I agree that it would be nice to have the option. I’ve lost track of how many times someone accepted quests either in their or my game that I was leaving until level 50 or 72. Which of course then means that the reward is now level-locked :blrage:

The only way around this in current games is to simply keep separate characters specifically for solo and co-op play. Which isn’t a bad solution, but it’s easy to forget to turn on/off public-friends-private settings. Maybe if there was a way to include the latter in the save file, so if you loaded up a solo character it would automatically pop the “Change your network settings?” dialog?


That could work, yeah. Or maybe let you name the save, so you can name one Solo and one Coop

You can already do this, though, so I’m sure that will be a feature in the new game too. (About half my saves in BL2 are some variation of “Mule”!)

Hmm. I always only play one at a time, I didn’t even know :smiley:

You can actually change the name of the save file in-game at any time - just go to the Quick Change (BL2/TPS) or New-U (BL1) and check the options.

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Name of your character is the save name as well.