Co-op on Borderlands 2 Xbox One

Hi, i am a level 72 Commando looking for players to farm raid Bosses or do some Tier 3 Rematch Bar Room Blitz to farm torgue tokens. I have no Op levels either, I would also like some help in Digistruct peak to get op levels. I have also found out, when your looking for players, first it says no match found. But when you refresh you see 1-3 player sessions available. Hope I find any players that wants to play with me. Xbox Gamertag: King Linuz.

Hey! I am uk timezone if this is close to you? I’d be more than happy to run with you🖒.
I don’t play with randoms(online) as it a rat race for loot etc etc, just with friends in private.
Let me know if you ever fancy a game.

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Sweet! I live in Sweden so it’s not far away. I came up with a idea on how to get torgue tokens. Someone else gave me a norfleet and that helped me. I farmed today so now I have 999 tokens. I would really like to play with you. Just add me as a friend so we can play. Maybe farming pyro Pete?maybe digistruct peak? I don’t know. We can play tomorrow . I play everyday so I’m almost always online. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect! Yeah I’m cool with anything.
I’ll get you added tonight when get home, plus I’ll put a message so you know it’s me.
Look forward to gaming with you 🖒