Co-op on same PSN id on PS4

Ok, so I have what is probably a dumb question. I have several characters that I imported from borderlands 2 on PS3. How to I use 2 or 3 of them for co-op? I tried, but every time I tried to turn on the second controller it just switched over to player 1. Is there a way to use two controllers on the same PSN account? Please help!


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I have the same question. For PS3 this wasn’t a problem, but now I can’t do this!!


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Yeah, I know it sounds rediculous, but I want to play with my wife and my son and give them waaaay overpowered characters so it is harder for them to die. I would really like to have a little family fun here, but it is not looking too good.

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I am having the same problem, my son and I like to play, now nothing… HELP

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So from what I understand it is a PS issue, not a Gearbox issue… Sony has changed the way accounts work from PS3 to PS4 so I guess we are screwed…


That sucks. I guess at least we have the PS3…

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What if Gearbox were to make it possible for a different PS-user (different ID or guest account) to load a character that belongs to P1, instead of having to create a new character…
Would this be worth asking them to do, and if so, what would be the best way about it?

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I don’t know. I am not sure if that is even something they could do on their end. I think the ps4 sets up walls between users that prevents this. There is a way to do it, but it means modding your save file using a program. I am not very confident that I can do it, so I have stayed away from the option. Apparently it works though.

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Ah, you have my attention. Could you perhaps name this program? I have some XBone modders in my circles who might be able to help. It’s just that the idea of having to start another new character when playing couch coop is annoying, but obviously not the end of the world if it comes to that…

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This discussion is heading in a direction that is not allowed. Do not discuss third party software use on your console. It violates it’s terms of service and the forum rules. Any further mention of it and the thread will be locked.

Got it, my bad. I’m new to the forums

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You can’t do that like you can on the ps3.

Each controller on ps4 must be on a different account.

This is a difference at the system level in the ps4, and effects ALL games, not just. BL.

Turn on the controllers before you fire up the game. It will ask you “who is using this controller?” One of the choices is “Guest”. Use that and you should be fine. You can make PSN accounts for free so you might as well make accounts for all of your family and friends, that’s what I did.

The other issue is I have all these mules and gear I collected from the PS3 versions (~15 on BL2 & ~5 on TPS) and now cannot transfer any of it to my characters and it’s now stuck on said mules. I wish there were a way to fix this beyond having to have a friend online that you trust to help transfer.

Gearbox - any suggestions or is there nothing we can do about it? Can we get more backpack & vault space now that it’s on the PS4 and not bound by the limits of the PS3?

Claptrap’s stash is for transferring loot between characters.

You’re right…it is. I know that. But when you have over 200+ items in TPS and even more in BL2, moving it 4 at a time is more than extremely tedious. Not saying they can fix it, just be nice if they could given that we now cannot transfer between characters like we used to.

Well you could just start a new character on a new account, give them everything that you want to transfer, and then transfer it back to your main account. Pretty easy workaround.

guest saves are erased when you log the guest out. make a user.

Add a psn and shift account for mule and xfer it like your main account (i did this already).

If your mule is in your main account, just make a new user, login the game under that user and swap your main acount character gear by loading and dropping gear then bringing in the target toon.

Yeah - I guess this is the best fix given the current way things function. Thanks!