Co op partner cant receive quest rewards

When we turn in quests now it says my partner has previously completed the quest and cant get the quest reward. We are both level 66 and reset UVHM yesterday together with us both logged in (I have an online account and she doesnt if that matters). We tried just logging in her character and resetting UVHM again and then coming back in to my game but still get the same message upon completing a quest. What can I do? Are we going to have to reset again? And if so what can I do to insure this does not happen again?

Weird things happen on 360 when one person has XBL Gold and the other doesn’t. I’ve seen similar reports before, but I don’t know whether it was here or on the old forums (the tech support areas of which are no longer available.) I would suggest having her start, and you join as the second player, just to see if that makes a difference.

I actually thought about doing that but the only thing stopping me was the chance that I could be missing out on some crucial gameplay element by not playing with the latest hot fixes.