Co-op partner(s) for TPS "Who you gonna call" achievement

Pretty self explanatory i am looking for people to get the achievement “who you gonna call” for doing mission sub 13. I have 2 controllers so that is obviously a help. I am UK time zone and done a lot of BL2 with help/helping others through this forum. Many Thanks

GT Recruit In Sand

What mode/level are you doing this on?

I would offer to help, but unless your on between 1am and 5am your time (UK time is 5 hours ahead of mine), I’m no help at all. You might try sending a message to “FlatterTrain7” on Xbox Live, though he is in Australia (12 hrs ahead of me).

I am still on my first playthrough. So i am around level 15 but think i am pretty close to the mission, hence i have posted now to give people notice rather than when i am right there

I don’t have any characters below 50, so I would be horrendously over-levelled for NVHM. If you’re really stuck for a fourth, you could check to see if I’m on-line (GT:Alkymist96) and I could just stand in the back or something.

Hey thank you very much :slight_smile: are you UK timezone and do you have 2 controllers? I am guessing the mission you just leave the 1 controller still.

In Canada, but I can be on during your evening on select occasions (or possibly Saturday). Unfortunately I only have one controller for XB1 though, so you’d still need to find some others. If you manage to get a group and just need one more, look me up to see if I’m on-line. GT: Alkymist96

Hi so far i have been unable to get anybody i am able to access the mission so a helping hand would be great

Sent a msg to your gt - think I got the right one.