Co-op partners for Borderlands 2

Looking for players who have characters around level 8 to play borderlands 2 with.

PSN ID is lilpumpkin2000

My zerker is lvl 12

Add me - SLS678 i am lvl 12 but grinding again tonight

I had to start a new character, playing as Mechromancer, if anyone wants to join me I am level 4, my PSN is Nero-Hylt PS4 ONLY

If u get to 10 my group has open spot tonight we play late at night though

I’ll let ya know @:slight_smile:

What time zone are you?

Feel free to add me thndrckn79 lvl 11 zerker

Would someone like to start a new playthrough with me?

I am cst we started last night i am zerker other two axton and psycho. So far our main play times start around 11 pm till 3 or 4. We only lvl those classes up together. Psn is IVI-y-Z-e-R-y

I’m down to start one with you looking for a partner

I have a level 11 Assassin and a Level 72 Gunzerker.

Feel free to add me PSN: here4payne

Looking for a partner to play with on a regular basis on BL2 for PS4. Just started fresh.

PSN - Fricker22

Add me my psn is Nieva73